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Year 3 Blog 2018-19

Thursday 4th July 2019: Whitby





On Thursday we had an action-packed day out at this amazing seaside town. After the coach parked near Whitby Abbey, we walked down 199 steps to the rock filled beach. There we met a palaeontologist called Byron. He taught us all about fossils - we learned what they are and how they were formed. We all searched the rocks to see what we could find. Eventually everybody found a fossil. Ethan was really lucky - he found ‘the devil’s toenail’! Picnicking on the beach in the warm sunshine was lovely - a breeze kept us cool. Later we went to the paddling pool where we followed Mrs Denham’s instructions clearly - splash Mr Emmett as much as possible! He splashed us back too! After a delicious ice cream, we slowly climbed back up the steps to our coach. Thanks to all the teachers for such a fabulous day.

Monday 1st July 2019: Ironman Art


I love this artwork. It was inspired by 'The Ironman' by Ted Hughes. The first picture, by Megan, shows brilliant movement. Meanwhile Lewis' picture in the middle shows a moment of stillness and concentration. Finally, Eli's picture on the has depicts an amazing monster. Well done!

Monday 24th June 2019: Coding Minecraft

Use your creativity and problem solving skills to explore and build underwater worlds with code!

Click on the picture below to play!

Wednesday 5th June 2019: Scratch master!

Well done Jayden! You are the WAGOLL for your brilliant computing skills. You have a logical brain which means you can solve problems yourself. This was shown this week with your great Scratch Animation, which you made at home after just one demonstration lesson. I am certain you will be running your own computer business one day!

Click here to see Jayden's joke

Tuesday 21st May 2019: Code Dance Party

Click here to play!

Friday 17th May 2019: Fun Run

The class ran laps of the school grounds today, to raise money towards their summer trip to Whitby. I was really pleased with their Yorkshire grit and determination and so proud to see them  helping and encouraging on another. Every child ran at least 4 laps which is  2km! A big WELL DONE to Oliver and Stanley who managed an amazing 3.5km! 

Friday 17th May 2019: Walk to School Week

As part of our drive to ensure our children are as fit and healthy as possible we are taking part in ‘Walk to School Week 2019.’ This runs 20th May to 24th May 2019.

We will be encouraging the children to walk to school by collecting stamps each day. These stamps will be added to a class total. If your child’s class can collect 70 stamps during the week they will earn themselves an extra playtime!

We are very aware some children have to come to school by car or bus because they live a long way from school. If you are one of these families we suggest you ‘park and stride’. This means you park your car a few streets away from school or get off the bus a stop earlier - then walk the rest of the way.

To find out more information click here!



The weather forecast looks good for next week, so I hope you can support the children. Let’s get walking!


Friday 3rd May 2019: The Ironman

This week we have begun to read our new class reader, 'The Iron Man', by Ted Hughes. This book is all about a strange, colossal metal man who mysteriously appears by the sea one night. For an unexplained reason, he throws himself off a cliff and breaks up on the beach. Slowly, he begins to put himself together, but cannot find one of his ears. In an attempt to find the missing ear, he walks in to the sea. This is where chapter 1 ends. We have looked for reasons behind the Iron man's behaviour and discussed the vocabulary that Ted Hughes chose. We are really looking forward to reading more next week. 


Tuesday 30th April 2019: Pedestrian Training

Thank you to Amber and the team from Leeds City Council who visited our class today. They taught us some invaluable life lessons on how to cross the road. 

Friday 26th April 2019: Trip to Whitby and Fun Run

This summer we are planning a trip to Whitby to meet a palaeontologist and look for fossils on the beach. It will be a really fun day out, but the transport to the coast is very expensive.


This year, instead of asking for a voluntary contribution, we are trying to raise the money with a sponsored run on May 17th!


The school will subsidise the trip, then if we aim to raise an average of £20 per pupil we will have the funds to go ahead with the trip. If some raise more, any surplus can be donated to school fund and will be used to subsidise future trips for this class.


The trip costings are £480 for the coach and £150 for the palaeontologist. The school will then contribute £100 towards the trip. Hopefully, we also raise enough for an ice cream too!


Can I please thank you in advance of your support, I am sure that the trip will be memorable and a worthwhile experience for all your children.



Friday 5th April: There, their or they're

Watch this video and play the game from BBC Bitesize to test your knowledge of the homophones they're, there and their.

Friday 5th April 2019: Spelling Games - suffixes

Test your spelling skills by playing these games. They will test your understanding of suffixes __ment, __ly, __ful, __ness and __less. Click on the photograph above to find the games. Good luck!


Friday 29th March 2019: Class Assembly

Well done everybody for a fabulous class assembly all about Leeds!



Friday 29th March 2019: Goodbye and thank you Mr Partington

Tuesday 26th March 2019: Seeds

This week Class 3 have been learning all about plants and how they grow. We have learned the meaning of lots of new vocabulary including germination, pollination and photosynthesis. We then wrote an explanation of how a seed germinates, using all the features of the genre including subheadings, diagrams and causal conjunctions. Each child planted a seed and have brought this home. Their homework is to look after this seed, ten bring it back to school after the holidays STILL ALIVE! Watch this video to help!

Wednesday 20th March 2019: Leeds Owl Trail

Class 3 have had a terrific trip into Leeds City Centre this week. We walked all over the town looking at the different buildings and spotting the owls. We counted over thirty different owls on buildings, windows and gates. Can you believe we walked over 12,000 steps in the process? Phew! We learned about both new and old buildings in Leeds and discovered how the city has grown and changed over the years. Our favourite building was the Civic Hall. We returned to school by train and all agreed the day had been 100% fantastic!

Friday 15th March 2019 : Fraction Game


Thursday 14th March 2019: Pied Piper of Hamelin

This week we have been reading a poem called The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning. It is a very old poem and is full of very old words and phrases that we have been using our reading detective skills to understand. The poem is about a town in Germany that  is over-run by rats. A mysterious man came to town and saved the people from the vermin. We have been describing the piper and discussing the reason he behaved the way he did and deciding if he was really a villain or not! Watch a version of the story here.

Wednesday 12th March 2019: Gabriella

Well done Gabriella. You are this week’s WAGOLL for your amazing improvement with your key skills in English. Your handwriting and spelling have improved tremendously over the past few weeks. This has been because of your determination to improve and hard work. I have seen you slow down when writing and take real pride with your presentation. Well done!

Friday 1st March 2019: Homework Hero

A great report by Ali. All about his day out to Bolton Abbey.

Friday 15th February 2019: The Impossible Challenge


 As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, Class 3 have been thinking about resilience. We were presented with a seemingly impossible challenge: to take a piece of A4 paper, then cut a hole in it that was big enough for us to fit through. After a few attempts we were frustrated, annoyed and even angry. The holes were never big enough and the paper was constantly ripping. However, once we had learned the trick, we could do it with ease. The atmosphere in the room felt completely different - we felt positive, happy and elated! We even cut a piece paper and fit the whole class inside (not A4 this time!) I wonder if the children can show you how it is done at home! 

Thursday 14th February 2019: VOCABULARY PARADE COSTUME IDEAS




Wednesday 6th February: Internet Legends


What great fun was had by all the children in Key Stage 2 on Wednesday afternoon. They enjoyed a special, interactive 'Be Internet Legends' assembly, which was developed by Google, to enhance our ongoing work on e-safety. The children were reminded about the importance of being sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave when using the internet. Your involvement at home can really help to reinforce these key messages. Try out some exciting online safety activities for the whole family by following this link: g.co/BeInternetLegends/Parents. Also explore 'Interland', the free online game that makes learning about digital safety fun by visiting g.co/Interland

Friday 1st February 2019: National Story Telling Week

As part of National Story Telling Week, class 3 took part in a Storytelling morning session. We worked in small groups with children from Class 4 to invent our own stories, working collaboratively to draw story maps. We had stories about pirates, witches and fairies. We had stories based on Fairy Tales. We had stories of epic adventures. After drawing our stories, the children had time to work in groups to rehearse their stories (without writing them down) filling them with wonderful story language. Finally, the children performed their stories. 

Please listen to 'The 3 Little Elves and the Big Bad Witch' by Gabriella, Joshua, Tiega, Paige and Billie

Monday 28th January 2019: 2 digit MULTIPLIED 1 digit number

Wednesday 24th January 2019: Smile Multiplication


Monday 21st January 2109: Parent Curriculum Newsletter Spring 2019

Click here to download this term's newsletter

Thursday 17th January 2019: Nyla is this week's WAGOLL

Well done Nyla. You are this week’s WAGOLL for your amazing math's skills. You can quickly learn new timestables and have been performing amazingly during Rockstar timestables. It has been wonderful to see you persevere and your confidence bloom. Well done!!

Wednesday 9th January 2019: The Wolf's Story

This week we have been reading 'The Wolf's Story' by Toby Forward. 

Ever asked for the Wolf's Story? It was never his fault - it was Little Red and her sticky toffees. Now, with the truth laid out before you, you too can trust a wolf... can't you?

The real story of Little Red Riding Hood – told by the Wolf himself!

Recounted in the confidential, conversational voice of a New York wheeler-dealer, this funny version of the Grimm Brothers' Little Red Riding Hood is retold from a fresh perspective – the Wolf's! Full of humorous revelations and surprises, the story shows, as it unfolds, how a series of misunderstandings and accidents leads to his vilification.

Thursday 12th December 2018: A Satisfying Stone Age Stew

This week the children in Class 3 have been showing their culinary sides by writing recipes for A Tempting Stone Age Stew. We have included all the top ingredients scavenged from the local woods including hazelnuts, juniper berries and dock leaves. Only the finest 100% organic (hunted) meat should be used. Mammoth, horse or squirrel are all fine, but don't use fox as the taste is foul. For a touch of class, mammoth blood could be included to ensure a deep, rich tasting and flavoursome stock. As for the cooking method, a leather bag with red hot stones is the best way, making sure it is stirred properly so the broth doesn't congeal. 

Click here to read Toren's recipe.

Friday 7th December 2018: Great Guitar!


Thursday 6th November 2018: Christmas Activity Morning




Thank you to all the help we had in our class today. We made lots of wonderful decorations, biscuits and cards for our families and friends.

Friday 23rd November 2018: Cave Paintings




Thursday 22nd November 2018: Column Subtraction


Wednesday 21st November 2018: Column Addition


Friday 16th November 2018: This week's WAGOLL is....

Cadie is this week's WAGOLL. Cadie is a true superstar who gives 100% to everything she puts her mind to. I have been blown away with the effort Cadie has put in to improving her handwriting, check it out below! She is also a super friend, and I have been really impressed with how she has been making sure everyone in our class has somebody to play with at breaktimes. Keep it up Cadie, we are really proud of you!

Friday 16th November 2018: Remembrance Poem

Maija has used the story 'Where the poppies Now Grow' to write a wonderful poem. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Where the Poppies Grow, By Maija


Tuesday 13th November 2018: Where the Poppies Now Grow

As part of our remembrance day work, we have been reading and learning 'Where the Poppies Now Grow' by Martin Impey and Hilary Robinson. Please take a moment to listen to our class recite the poem.


Monday 12th November 2018: Homework Heroes

Check out these amazing stone age models the children made at home as part of our stone age project.

















































Friday 9th November 2018: Isabelle's Poppies

Tuesday 6th November 2018: Where the Poppies Now Grow

This week we have been reading a book called 'Where the Poppies Now Grow' by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. It is set during the first world war and is all about two young boys called Ben and Ray. These boys have a life long friendship from being small boys. As adults, they travel to France to serve together in the First world war where one of the characters must be very brave to save the life of their friends. It is a wonderful story and has really helped the children understand the significance of wearing a poppy for remembrance day. 

Thursday 25th October 2018: The Tunnel

Tabitha has used The Tunnel by Antony Brown to write a great story from the viewpoint of the character Rose. 

I waited and waited, but Jack did not come “Come on. We have not got all day. We need to be back by lunch,” I yelled. No one replied. I had a dilemma. What do I do? If I go home I might get kidnapped but if I go in to the tunnel a wolf might eat me. My body shivered. I knew it was time to go in to the tunnel so I followed Jack.

As I crawled into the tunnel the darkness drowned my heart. Goose bumps filled me from the top to the bottom. The cold floor was slimy and gooey. It was horrible. I could see a big cobweb with a spider in the middle. There was a dead rat that smelt horrible and the air smelled like dampness. In the distance I could hear splashing water. A moment later I was out.

Where am I? In a creepy forest. I could see funny shapes in the bare, naked trees. As I looked around me I could hear the howling wind and howling wolves, but there was no sign of Jack. I tasted the cold air and it made my mouth dry. It smelt of grass and bark. My heart was beating fast, not like it normally does.

In a clearing, I saw Jack. He was made of stone.

Friday 19th October 2018: Harvest Festival

Well done to Classes 3 and 4 for a fabulous Harvest Festival this morning! We really enjoyed hearing about ‘The Little Black Cloud’. All the cloud wanted to do was share his love but no-one was pleased to see him. Eventually he met a friendly farmer who really appreciated everything the cloud had to offer. We were so impressed by the singing, acting and dancing. Many thanks to the staff who worked so hard to make this happen - and to the parents who came to join us at Christ the Saviour Church. Also - a huge shout out to the Swinnow Vegetable Massive! Yo!


Wednesday 17th October 2018: The Tunnel

This week Class 3 have been reading ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. We have been investigating the two main characters, discussing how they are different then using the conjunctions however, but, whereas, whilst and meanwhile, to join the ideas together. This is an example: Jack loves to play outside with his friends whereas his sister likes to stay indoors reading books. We then went on to play a game called ‘conscience alley’ (see photograph below) where we had to give Rose advice on her dilemma. Should she enter the tunnel or go home? A big thank you to Mrs Bell for coming to help us with our English this week.

Thursday 11th October 2018: Well done to our WAGOLL!

You are this week’s WAGOLL for your super maths. Mr Emmett, Mrs Denham and Mrs Haw all agree that you are amazing. You have used all the resources to support your learning then worked hard and persevered until you got it! We are all so proud of you!

Monday 8th October 2018: Cat's Cradle

Wednesday 3rd October 2018: The Stone Age Boy

This week we have been reading a great story called The Stone Age Boy, by Satoshi Kitamura. It tells the tale of a young boy who falls down a hole in cave and finds himself back in pre-historic times. He befriends a Stone Age girl called Om who introduces him to her family and way of life. The story gives instructions on how Stone Age people cooked, hunted and made clothes. The children loved the story and also finding out how life may have been 6000 years ago!

Friday 28th September 2018: Auf Wiedersehen Alex!

Alex the Bear came all the way from Berlin to join our Class. While he was here, he taught us all about Germany and had lots of adventures both in school and at pupils homes. Have a safe journey home Alex, we have loved having you with us!


Thursday 27th September 2018: Stanley's German Adventure!

Read Stanley's amazing blog of a few days in Germany.

Wednesday 26th September 2018: Parent Information 

Thank you for attending the parent information meeting. Click here to open the presentation containing all tonight's information. 

Tuesday 25th September 2018: Mini Einsteins!

Excellent science work today, testing the friction on different surfaces by making ramps.

Thursday 20th September 2018: The postman has made a delivery!

The postman brought us some letters today. They were from the children of Class 4 C in Dresden. We were thrilled to read them and look at their marvelous drawings. THANK YOU

Wednesday 19th September 2018: A postcard from Berlin


Well done Elias. I love your postcard from Berlin. It sounded like a great day! You showed when the action took place with your use of fronted adverbials.


Friday 14th September 2018: Alex the Bear's Blog

Click here to find out all the latest news from Alex the Bear.

Friday 14th September 2018: Hello Germany

Dylan is this week's WAGOLL for his great letter. Dylan has written a letter to our partner school in Dresden, Germany to tell them all about his life in the UK. I am sure they will have as much fun reading it as he did writing it!

Wednesday 13th September: Keeping safe online with Hector's World

Watch the Hector's world videos to help stay safe online. Episode 1 is available here!

Monday 10th September 2018: Guten Tag Alex

Guten Tag Alex! Welcome to Swinnow Primary School. We were so excited to have Alex arrive in our school this week. He was a little bit shy at first, but soon got to know all the children who introduced themselves to Alex in German. We then had a party eating lots of yummy food that Alex brought including rye bread, bockwurst, frankfurters, frikadellen and kinder chocolate! As the week progressed, he settled in to the class routines. He really enjoyed the mile a day and guitars! CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS BLOG

Monday 10th September 2018: Example Homework Vocabulary Card