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Year 1 Blog 2018-9

Week commencing 24th June 2019

Check out this video to hear some of the vocabulary we have been using in class during our maths lessons.

Joan Miro inspired sculptures

Year 1 have been using The Bridge to help them create their own dialogue between two characters.

Tuesday 18th June 2019

What an amazing trip we had! 







Phonics Boot Camp!


Bug Hunting




Walk to School Week

As part of our drive to ensure our children are as fit and healthy as possible we are taking part in ‘Walk to School Week 2019.’ This runs 20th May to 24th May 2019.

We will be encouraging the children to walk to school by collecting stamps each day. These stamps will be added to a class total. If your child’s class can collect 70 stamps during the week they will earn themselves an extra playtime!

We are very aware some children have to come to school by car or bus because they live a long way from school. If you are one of these families we suggest you ‘park and stride’. This means you park your car a few streets away from school or get off the bus a stop earlier - then walk the rest of the way.

To find out more information click here!



The weather forecast looks good for next week, so I hope you can support the children. Let’s get walking!


Week beginning Monday 4th March 2019

Click HERE for the new spelling overview.

Week beginning Monday 11th February 2019


Click HERE for some more costume ideas. If you click on the Vocabulary Parade video on the website you will find lots of costume ideas from other children.


Week beginning Monday 14th January 2019


Click HERE for a link to a maths games you can play at home. 



Year 1 have been learning about algorithms. Click HERE to access one of the websites we have been using to help us :) 

Adding using ten frames...

Click HERE for some top reading tips.


Week beginning Monday 7th January 2019

Traffic light biscuits :) 

Week beginning Monday 17th December 2018

It looks like Year 1 are all partied out and ready for their Christmas holiday!!

(We were playing sleeping lions)

Have a wonderful holiday Year 1!!!

Today we had a special visitor from the North Pole....

The Polar bear and his Christmas pudding friend came to make sure we were having a good party and they even brought us a special delivery from Santa himself!!!!

PaRtY TiMe...

Year 1 Christmas Maths Morning


Year 1 library day is FRIDAY

Every Friday children can choose a book from the library that they would like to read at home in addition to their school reading book.

Please take good care of the books so everybody can enjoy them.

Related image

Click HERE for the new spelling overview.

Week beginning Monday 10th December 2018

Christmas Dinner Day!!!

What is Erol up to now?!...

Inspiration for our Kevin the carrot and Pascal the parsnip stories...

Week beginning Monday 3rd December 2018

Oh dear! It looks like Erol the elf is back and up to his old tricks :( 

The cheeky elf stole our decorations!!!!

Luckily for us we had lots of people ready to help make our classroom look fabulous during Christmas activity morning. 

Thank you to everyone that was able to come and help out. We had a lovely morning with you all!


Week beginning Monday 19th November 2018

Click HERE to play place value basketball.

Using ten frames to make 2 digit numbers (11-20)



Using Base ten to make 2 digit numbers.


With the help of a very bossy cat year 1 have been working on their rhyming skills this week. 

Week beginning Monday 12th November 2018

Click HERE to listen to a counting song to help with counting back from 20.

Week beginning Monday 5th November 2018

Welcome back Year 1! 

Our PE days are now: Wednesday and Thursday.

Outdoor learning is on a Friday. Please wear school uniform and wrap up warm. 

Image result for autumn children clipart


Week beginning Monday 22nd October 2018

Check out how we use the part-part-whole method in class 1...

Week beginning Monday 8th October 2018

Year 1 Trip to the Library...

Week beginning Monday 24th September 2018

Click HERE for the year 1 WAGOLL 28.09.18


Check out the Super Power words we have been learning in class...


Click HERE to play a counting game we have used in class.



Week beginning Monday 17th September 2018 

Click HERE for the year 1 WAGOLL 21.09.18


Week beginning Monday 10th September 2018



Click  HERE for the year 1 WAGOLL 14.09.18



Week beginning Monday 3rd September 2018

WELCOME TO YEAR 1 (2018-19)

All of the children have settled into Year 1 like super stars and they have been enjoying discovering their new classroom...