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Mrs Griffen has created a comprehensive list of SEND resources, documents and websites to help support your child's individualised learning at home. Click the picture below.

Parent Workshop: 13 Categories of Special Education | P.S.135Q ...


Things to do at home:



Week beginning Monday 6th July 2020 

This week's activities are all based around the books ' The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet' and 'The Dinosaur that Pooped the Past.'

Listen to the story "The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet."

Maths: Click the picture to access the lessons for this week.


Can you design and make your own rocket?
You could draw it, build it using LEGO, play dough or whatever you can find!

Click the picture for the new phonics video (uploaded at 10am).


Week beginning Monday 29th June 2020 

Repeating Patterns

Can you create your own repeating pattern using fruit and vegetables? How many pieces of fruit or veg will you need to fill your kebab stick?

Have a go at printing using fruit and vegetables. Get an adult to help you cut the fruit and vegetables into different shapes. Which fruits and vegetables created the best prints?

Week beginning Monday 22nd June 2020 


Can it Fly?:

Zog makes lots of attempts to fly and always remembers to practise, just like his teacher tells him to.

Have a look at the pictures (click on the rocket)
Talk to your adult about whether the items in the pictures can fly or not. What do you notice about all of the flying things? What is the same? What is different?

Create your own paper aeroplane.
How far can it fly?
How long did it stay in the air?


Sound Hunt:

Zog and the other dragons all learn how to roar as loud as possible at dragon school.
What sounds can you hear at home or outside on a walk?
Where are they coming from?
Try covering up one ear... Can you still hear the sound?
Can you make a list of the sounds that are quiet and the sounds that are LOUD!

Why not have a go at making your own walkie talkies. Click on the picture for instructions.


Rhyme Time:

Read the story Zog or listen to it being read aloud below. What rhyming words can you hear?

Can you find and collect objects from around your home that rhyme?


Let's Get Creative:

Can you draw your own dragon and label it?

Maths: Click the picture to access Day 2.


Click the picture for Tuesday's new phonics video (uploaded at 10am).



Maths: Click the picture to access Day 1.

Can you grow your own rainbow?

Click the picture to find out how.


Week beginning Monday 8th June 2020 


Can you create your own symmetrical pictures using objects from around the home?

Remember: For something to be symmetrical, it needs to be identical (the same) on both sides.

Castle in the clouds:

Have a go at creating your own castle. How you make it is up to you.

Challenge: Can you label the parts of your castle?


Magic Wand:

MAGIC NATURE WANDS | Camping crafts for kids, Magic wand craft ...

Create your own magical wand using materials around your home, or you could use natural materials that you find whilst out on a walk.
Think about different ways of joining your materials to your wand.
Will you use glue, sellotape, or can you you use string to help you tie/wrap your items to your wand?

 Magic Potion:

Capacity: Magic Potions + empty measuring jug | Teaching Resources

Can you create a magic potion? 

Write a list or draw all of the things that you will put in it.

What does your magic potion do?



A new video is uploaded every weekday at 10am

Click the picture below for the link.

Letters and Sounds for home and school - YouTube


Click the picture to access the teaching videos for this week:

White Rose Maths Planning - Week 1, Spring Term Year 4 - all ...

This week's activities are all linked to the story, The Princess and the Wizard.

You can listen to the story by clicking on the youtube video below:

Create your own Days of the week flap book:

Click the picture for instructions.


The Garden Where Kinder Grows: Days of the Week Activity

Week beginning Monday 1st June 2020

It's our last half term in Reception, so whether you are returning to the classroom or you are continuing with home learning, let's try and make it best half term we can. 


A Whale of a Time!

Did you know?

A whale can make noises that can be heard for miles underneath the water.

A blue whale has a heart the size of a small car!

What whale facts can you find out?


Have a go at making your own whale... Click the picture below for instructions or create your own.

Image preview




Click the picture to access the teaching videos for this week:

White Rose Maths Planning - Week 1, Spring Term Year 4 - all ...

This week's activities are all linked to the story, The Snail and the Whale.

Click the link to watch the BBC animation, or you can listen to the story by clicking on the youtube video below:



 Try and create your own Henri Matisse snail inspired art. Click the picture below to see how.

Henri Matisse, ‘The Snail’ 1953


Week beginning Monday 25th May

This week is half term week, why not have a try at one or two of these activities. Don't forget to check Tapestry too :-) Have a super week!

You could play some board games or even try to make your own!






Week beginning Monday 18th May

This week our Maths learning is all about Superworm!


Can you make an obstacle course and show off show Superworm moves?

Will you go through, under, around, next to or something else? Can you explain to someone else how to complete your course?

Week beginning Monday 11th May

Yesterday my family and I went on a walk to the woods near our house, we spotted lots of things as we walked. Can you spot any of the patterns and shapes we saw? How would you describe them?

We even saw a tree that I think looks like it has a face! 

I wonder what you see when you go out for a walk....




Take a large roll of paper (you could open up a cardboard box or tape sheets of paper together of you don't have paper big enough)

Then draw around each other onto the paper. Next ask each other what their favourite things are and draw or write them inside the outlines.

Ideas for favourites.... food, colour, book, song, oufit, fruit, toy

You could also write each others age, shoe size and height.

Have lots of fun finding out more about each other!


Try out one of these games or take a look on the 'Fun and Games' page within the Home Learning part of our school website


Daily lessons to support your child's phonics skills can be found at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP_FbjYUP_UtldV2K_-niWw

or to watch one of the recent lessons click the video below

Take a look on the this Facebook page for some super phonics game and fine motor skills ideas you can do at home...



This week's Maths learning is all about The Very Busy Spider! Click the link below to find the challenges...


If you would like to listen to the story first just watch the clip below

Can you design and make your own web? You could draw it or even make a 3D one! 

How will you get through it? Can you give some instructions to someone? Do they need to go through, above, between, under or over?




Whole School History

On Friday 8th May, the UK commemorates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, Known as VE Day. This is the date that World War 2 ended in Europe. This week, leading up to that date would have been a whole school history focus week had we been together, learning at school.

So that we can still learn about this important time in British history, you can click on the picture above to access a pack of home learning ideas all focused on life during World War 2, and the celebrations of VE day. The pack can be used as a scheme of learning, where you work through the suggested activities in the order of pages, or you can dip in and choose to do anything you like the look of.

Guidance is given with each activity as to whether it is most appropriate for KS1, KS2 or whole school, including Early Years. We would love to see your VE day learning. You can upload onto ClassDojo, Tapestry, or send it to info@swinnowprimary.com with a note to forward it to Mrs Wyles and your class teacher. There will be lots of programmes on TV this week related to VE Day - look out for them to support your learning. All the resources you may need can be found by clicking on the links below.

Have a Happy History Week! 

KS1 VE Day PowerPoint

KS1 VE Day Factfile

Write a Diary Entry Template

Morse Code Challenge

Folded Paper Spitfire Activity

Union Jack Bunting

Union Jack Flag

Note of Thanksgiving


Week beginning 27th April 2020 

Pirate Flags

Create your own flag. What will you put on it?

Kids Fabulous Flag Craft Ideas

Pirate Boat

Have a go at making your own pirate boat using materials around your home.

If you're feeling brave...why not test it to see if it will float.

20 Boat Craft Ideas

Pirate Treasure Map

Click the picture below to make your own pirate treasure map.

Pirate treasure map


Have a Teddy Bears' Picnic

(If the weather isn't great, have the picnic inside)

We're going on a bear hunt & teddy bear's picnic | Salford ... 

Can you make a jam sandwich for the teddy bears’ picnic?

Can you help the bear families get ready for their picnic?

Can you make sure all the bears enjoy the teddy bears’ picnic?

What are the bears doing at their teddy bears’ picnic?

You could: 

Write a list of things needed for the picnic

Write a menu or invitations

Count out the number of plates and cups needed

Make party hats for the bears.


Garden Exploration


Click the picture below to access this week's maths lessons.

White Rose Maths Planning - Week 1, Spring Term Year 4 - all ...

The focus story theis week is The Night Pirates. Click the link below to watch and listen to the story.



Daily phonics sessions starting Monday 27th April at 10.00am.

Click the picture below to follow the link.

Letters and Sounds | Stratford St Mary Primary School | Suffolk



Week beginning 20th April 2020 

Mindful in March Pt.1

Colour Hunt:
Use an egg carton or something similar. Choose six colours and then colour a section with each.
Whilst out on a walk, can you find items to match the colours and fill your treasure box?
You could do it with things around the home or in your garden.

We're Only One Call Away...

Thank you to everyone who helped make this lovely video!!!


Paint with vegetable scraps

Can you create your own paint using vegetable scraps or food items from around the home?

We can't wait to see the pictures you create using your homemade paint. Don't forget to upload them to Tapestry.

No photo description available.

This week's Maths:

Click the picture below to access the lessons for this week.

White Rose Maths Planning - Week 1, Spring Term Year 4 - all ... 


Captain Tom Moore is 100 on 30th April!

Why not make him a card to say Happy Birthday and to celebrate the amazing fundraising he has carried out.

You could send it to him at...

Captain Tom Moore c/o Post Office Limited

67 Bedford Road

Marston Moretaine,




It can be tricky not seeing family or friends who are special to us, you could look at some photos and talk about them. You could even write them a letter or draw a picture to send them.

Don't forget to take a picture of the challenges or anything that you are doing at home and upload it to Tapestry to share with us. I can't wait to see of your ideas!


Week beginning 13th April 2020

Mini Beast Hunt

Go on a mini beast hunt.

How many can you spot?

Remember to be careful and try not to disturb the mini beast habitats too much. Wash your hands once you have finished your hunt. Click the picture below for a mini beast hunt tick list.

About Woodland Trust


Five Minute Mum

Check out the Five Minute Mum blog for lots of fun activities for busy people to do with little kids. Click the picture below to follow the link.

Five Minute Mum: Give Me Five: Five minute, easy, fun games for ...


Ice Science

Have a go at freezing cars, glitter, sequins, feathers, LEGO, plastic coins or super hero figures. Pop them in a sandwich box, fill with water, then put in the freezer over night. Have fun trying to free the treasures.




Click the picture below for some great STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) ideas linked to Easter.

STEM Learning - Badges - Acclaim 

Create your own target games. You don't have to use a Nerf gun, you could use rolled up socks or a ball. Have numbers 1-10 as your targets or letters of the alphabet.

Week beginning 6th April 2020

Bubble Snake

 Or you could try this activity from Cbeebies and make your own bubbles


Natural Art

Create your own pictures using items from your garden, or why not collect them whilst out on a walk? Remember to: be safe and follow social distancing guidelines. 


 Beautiful Easter Bunny Nature Craft Printables for Kids | Nature ...


Obstacle Courses

Click the picture below for lots of ideas to help you make an obstacle course at home.

9 obstacle course for kids


How to Make the Easter Holidays More Affordable | redwigwam

Easter Holiday officially starts today!!!

We will continue to upload activities that you can complete at home over the next two weeks but we understand that some people may want to switch off and try have a break.
We support your choice and are here to help
Take a look on Tapestry for some more Easter Holiday activity ideas.
DIY Salt Dough Easter Eggs
DIY Salt Dough Easter Eggs featured by popular lifestyle blogger, Design Mom

Recipe for Salt Dough Easter Eggs
Mix up your favorite salt dough recipe. For this project, I used the following recipe:

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water

Stir together all three ingredients until a dough forms. Kneading the dough a couple times can help make it smoother.

Roll it out (I rolled mine to 1/4 inch thick) and cut out desired shapes.


Week beginning 30th March 2020

Home learning Challenge:

Can you learn this song and the Makaton signs to go along with it?

Try to learn as much of the song as you can (It doesn’t need to be the whole thing) and ask an adult to film you.

Then, upload your video to your ClassDojo portfolio.

 Please check your emails for your unique code. Email info@swinnowprimary.com if there are any problems.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Lockdown video montage.’

Please upload your videos by Friday 10th April 2020.

By uploading your video you are giving permission for this to be added to the montage, which will be shared with all school pupils via tapestry or class dojo online systems - if you do not wish your child's clip to be used in this way please ensure you add a comment to the uploaded video to indicate it is NOT FOR SHARING. 

Thank you to George, Luke and Daisy in Year 1 for the inspiration.


Memory Game

Image preview


What can you make with an egg box?

Click on the picture below to get some lovely craft ideas that you can do at home using an egg box. 

Image preview


How many activities can you complete? 

Image preview




Sound Hunt:

For the sound hunt you will need:

-to watch the video above



Write the following words on separate pieces of paper: chip, pitch, chin, chat, chick and bench.

Hide the pieces of paper around your home or in your garden.

Can your child find and read all of the words? Encourage them to break the words into the units of sounds e.g. ch-i-p. 



This week's tube challenge is...

Image preview

Can you use your new binoculars to spot these birds outside?

Handy Guide to the UK’s Top 10 Garden Birds



 Click on the picture below to access week 2. The maths lessons are fun and linked to stories. The resources are free and easy to follow.

White Rose Maths (@WhiteRoseMaths) | Twitter






All you need to do is as follows:

  1. Get something with separate letters of the alphabet on. It could be scrabble tiles, light box letters, magnetic letters, a puzzle or even the alphabet written on scraps of paper. 

  2. Get a bag. Any will do. 

  3. Find a place to display your letter of the day every day. Fridge? Radiator? A Door? somewhere they can see if regularly and access it from their height.

  4. In that place put a paper and pen.

  5. Every day your little one is going to pick out their “Letter of the Day.” 

  6. First of all you, the adult, is going to write the letter they’ve chosen in capital form. They will copy. Then you will write it in lower case form. They will attempt it too.

  7. Then for the final post-it... run around the house looking for something that has the SOUND that letter makes in it…with lots of help from adults of course! And they will draw a picture of the item they found.

Image preview


Fancy making music at home? No musical experience is required or even a musical instrument!


For this activity you will need: 10 pegs, 1 coat hanger, paper and pencil. Use the coat hanger to work out all of the different ways to make 10. Can you write the number sentence to go with it?

Image preview


Shadow Art

Get outside and enjoy the sun whilst creating these lovely shadow pictures. This is a great way of developing pencil control. 

Image preview



Name Recognition 

There are lots of fun ways for your child to practise writing and recognising the letters in their name. Click the picture below to follow the link.

Image result for name writing activities



Chase the Rainbow

Why not join in with the Chase the rainbow trend. Create a rainbow picture (how you do it is up to you). Place the picture in a window for everyone to see and keep a look out for all the smiles your rainbow creates. 

Rainbow pictures in the window

Support during School Closure for Parents and Carers

RWI Phonics lessons at home
Free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on Facebook and YouTube for children to watch at home; three short Speed Sound lessons every day.

From Monday 23rd March and for the next two weeks, films will show at the times below and be available for 24 hours.

  • Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am

  • Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am

Please share with RWI schools and parents.

Films and resources for parents on ruthmiskin.com

Daily updates on Facebook/Twitter for regular tips to support reading and writing at home.



Click on the picture below to access free lessons that you can complete at home. The resources are free and easy to follow. 

Image result for whiterose maths



Tube Challenge:

Stockpiling toilet rolls = tubes!!!!!!

Why not give this activity a try with your left over toilet roll tubes. You could use it for number recognition or letters and sounds. 

Image preview



Set up a tuck shop and give your children a certain amount of money to spend (maybe £1 a day). This could be real or pretend money. The children might even enjoy making their own money that can be used in the tuck shop.

Encourage your children to go to the tuck shop to choose their snack and count out the money needed. Once their money has gone...no more snack. A great way to learn about money and hopefully make your snacks last a little longer! 

No photo description available.

Busy busy Reception Class!

This week in Reception we have been tackling some new challenges in our classroom, we have been developing our maths skills by playing a bowling game where we had to record our scores, work out the total and then decide who had the most and the least. We enjoyed it so much that we made our own version outside!







We even tried out some new reading challenges too...


Week beginning Monday 20th January

This week we looked at how Chinese New Year is celebrated, we watched a programme from Cbeebies and talked about what we had seen. We then compared it to the celebrations we have and how some things are the same and some things are different.

We had lots of fun using our knowledge to create our own Chinese lanterns using the colours red and gold because they are a sign of good luck in Chinese culture, we made red envelopes that are traditionally given out (sadly ours did not contain golden coins!) and in the outside area we created Dragon Dances and music to dance to. Have a look at the pictures below...


Week beginning Monday 13th January

Click on the link below to play a counting game we have been playing in class...



Week beginning Monday 6th January

Happy New Year!

The children have come back into school full of lovely things to tell us after the Christmas holidays. It has been wonderful to see them and they have all settled back in beautifully.

This week we found out that a sneaky little someone had been in our classroom and left a trail of crumbs! I wonder if you know who they are...

 Our little visitor had left us a special box with the story of The Gingerbread Man in it and some wonderful ginger spiced play dough!

Week beginning Monday 25th November

Our focus story at the moment is Stickman, last week we received a letter from Stick Lady asking us to help find her missing husband Stickman! We drew maps to help him get home and put Missing posters up around school.  

This week we have been re-telling the story of Stickman using the tuff tray and small world props, we have created our own Stick family sculptures and explored the different marks sticks make when using them to paint. 

What a busy couple of weeks we have had!




Week beginning Monday 11th November

This week your child will bring home letter cards with the phonemes we have learnt so far as part of our Phonics sessions. Please help your child to become secure with these sounds by practising them at home. You could play flashcard games, ask them to find the letters around the house, look for those letters and sounds in the world around them or use them to make cvc words (words that have three letters- consonent-vowel-consonent e.g sat, pat, map)


To support your child and ensure that they are pronouncing the sounds correctly take a look at the clip below...


Week beginning Monday 21st October

It has been such a busy half term in Reception, the children have worked so hard and we have had lots of fun along the way!

Reading books have been sent home this week, the children are very excited to start their reading journey and have talked about the characters in class this week. We ask that you read a minimum of four times a week with your child along with practising the Super Power Words (watch the clip below to see the ones we have learnt so far) and record this in their reading record.

If you have any questions about the reading books please see one of the Reception Team.



Thank you for all your support throughout this half term, the children have settled wonderfully and we have all loved getting to know them. We cannot wait to continue their learning journey through Reception with them and see just what they can achieve. They are all superstars! 


Week beginning Monday 14th October

What a mystery! Reception came into their classroom on Tuesday to a crime scene! It seems as though someone has been in their classroom and spilled a magical potion.....I wonder who it could have been? Can you spot any clues to help identify the culprit...


Week beginning Monday 7th October

This week we have begun our phonics learning sessions, each week we will send home a note detailing the sounds the children have been learning that week.

Within our phonics lesson we have also been focusing on 'Super Power Words' which are the tricky words your child needs to be able to read and write by the end of their Reception year. You may have noticed your child has been coming home with a sticker each day which has a word on it. This is the word we have focused on on that particular day, please ask your child to say it, read it and put it in a sentence. We will put the super power words on the phonics note each week too.

Week beginning Monday 30th September

What a busy week we have had! On Monday we discovered a treasure map in our classroom which has led to a pIrate crazy week in Reception!

Watch the clips below to see some of the pirate songs and dances we have been enjoying this week...



Week beginning Monday 23rd September

Keep a look out in your child's book bag for information about the Maths facts we are focusing on this term and the high frequency words that we will be working on throughout the year with your children. Any questions about them please see Mrs Walker.

This week we have been focusing on number 2 as our 'number of the week' 

We use Numberblocks from Cbeebies to help teach the concept of each number so the children have a secure understanding of what a number is and is made up of.

Week beginning Monday 16th September

This week Reception class have begun their 'Busy Bodies' sessions as they come into school on a morning, they have been amazing!

We have also began to learn a song to help us with remembering the days of the week, have a look at the video below to sing-a-long...



Week beginning Monday 9th September

Wow what a super first full week we are having in Reception Class, we have spent time getting to know our classroom and exploring the environment whilst finding out how to be superstars by following our school rules.

We have shown we are 'Ready'  to learn, discover and explore. 'Respectful'  to one another and caring for our surroundings whilst also keeping ourselves and each other 'Safe'.

Keep a look out for the curriculum newsletter that will be coming home at the end of the week to find out more about the things we are doing...