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Term Dates



School calendar academic year 2022-2023


Schools close

Schools Open


Monday 5th September 2021*

Autumn mid-term

Friday 21st October 2021

Monday 31st October 2021

Christmas break

Friday 16th December 2021

Tuesday 3rd January 2022*

Spring mid-term

Friday 10th February 2022

Monday 20th February 2022

Easter break

Friday 31st March 2022

Monday 17th April 2022

May bank holiday

Friday 28th April 2022

Tuesday 2nd May 2022

Summer mid-term 

Friday 26th May 2022

Monday 5th June 2021

Summer break

Tuesday 25th July 2022*

 Days marked with are Training days at the beginning or end of a term

Training Days

*Monday 5th September 2022

Friday 23rd September 2022

*Tuesday 3rd January 2023

Monday 24th July 2023

*Tuesday 25th July 2023