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Home Learning wc/4.1.21

Good morning Class 6! If you follow the link below you will be able to access the Home Learning for this week. I will continue to add to the folder as the week progresses. Please upload any work to your portfolio on Class Dojo.

If you have any problems accessing the folder please let me know.

Miss McNelis

Home Learning wc/ 19th October

If any children are unable to be in school this week please see the lessons that are in this google drive:


Please let me know if you have any issues getting access.

Year 6 team :)

Ultimate Frisbee Zoom

This week Class 6 had a virtual zoom with a professional Ultimate Frisbee player! Merete joined us from Johannesburg, South Africa where she plays professional Ultimate Frisbee representing her country. Merete spoke to us about how to improve our Frisbee skills, highlighting that practice makes the most difference. She also told us all about the animals and food where she lives - we were fascinated by everything she said about elephants. She had a wonderful time zooming with Class 6 and said our questions were really well thought out! Well done Class 6!

How does our body digest our food?

As part of our study of the human body, Class 6 completed an experiment to see how our body digests our food. We first began by 'chewing' the food by adding food to a zip lock bag and squeezing it together. We added water to the bag to simulate saliva. Then the food travelled to the stomach, where orange juice was added to represent stomach acid. The food then started to break down a lot and looked truly disgusting! Next, the food travelled through a pair of tights to represent the intestines where all the nutrients and water were squeezed out and sent through the circulatory system. The solid mass at the bottom was then passed through two cups to represent the act of going to the toilet!

We had so much fun with this experiment - it was sooo disgusting!

Have a look at the video at the bottom to see everyone's reaction to the final step!





Making BLOOD!!

Class 6 today had the most fantastic time making blood! We started by filling our water bottles 2/3 full with water, then we began to make all the components. We used cheerios and red food colouring to represent out red blood cells, and then added in marshmellows to show our white blood cells. To make plasma, we used a concoction of water, yellow food colouring and salt to represent the nutrients in the blood. We finally added platelets using purple paper and we had our very own blood! Class 6 needed to show brilliant team work and communication skills and I was very impressed with everyone. Really well done!


WAGOLL 18.9.20 Robyn and Haleema

My WAGOLLS this week have absolutely BLOWN ME AWAY with how hard they are working! They have been working as a pair for their learning this week and have shown the most fantastic resilience, perseverance and hardworking attitudes and as a result, have produced the most amazing work. Keep up the fantastic effort girls – I am so impressed with you!

WAGOLL -  11.9.20 Luie

Congratulations to my WAGOLL this week! Luie has done the most fantastic work in science this week where we have been learning about the moon and also begun our learning about the human heart. Luie has amazing knowledge of our solar system and it has been wonderful to see him so keen to share his wonderful ideas with the class. You are an absolute superstar Luie – keep shining bright!


Reading Challenge-Book Sorter!

In Class Six, we love to read and we think that there is no better feeling than recommending your favourite book to a friend and seeing it give them as much pleasure as it did you. So if you're looking for a new book recommendation check out this super Reading Challenge Book Sorter. All you need to do is tell it your age and the type of books you enjoy and it will find the right book for you. All the recommendations come from children, just like you, who want to share their favourite books with other people who will love them too. Book Sorter