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Home learning!

WOW Class 5 - what a fantastic start we have made to our home learning. Here are some beautiful pieces of work from the last two weeks.

Beautiful vase designs from Josh, Toren and Maija

Excellent English - a story map from Ellie, and descriptive paragraphs from George and Cadie


Marvellous maths from Eli (look at that presentation!) and Izzie!

Terrific Topic from Gabby and Liam

Thank you all for working so hard! Mrs Waite and I love seeing your work.




This week’s WAGOLL is for amazing rapping! This group worked super hard to create a rap all about lockdown. Their teamwork skills were fantastic, making them the team with the freshest beats and the tightest rhymes. We are so proud!!


WAGOLL WC/16.11.20

In year 5 this week, beautiful presentation has earned us the WAGOLL! Both of these boys tried really hard with their presentation this week when copying up their persuasive letters. Not only have they produced fantastic work, it is also beautiful to look at! We are so proud of you boys!


WAGOLL WC/9.11.20

Our WAGOLL this week is Lucas.

In year 5 this week, our WAGOLL is for marvellous mathematics! Lucas has wowed us with both the quantity and quality of his maths work this week – he has completed every sheet, and they have all stayed in his book!

We are so proud of you, Lucas! A maths superstar!



WAGOLL WC/2.11.20

Our WAGOLL this week is Ali.

Ali has made a wonderful start to our new topic. Not only has he engaged brilliantly with all our lessons, he also brought in an amazing home learning project. He is a climate change superstar and fountain of all knowledge! Well done Ali!



Our first half term

As we weren't able to share our books at parent's evening this year, here is a selection of some of our best work this half term. See if you can spot your work!

We absolutely LOVED learning about black history for Black History Month. We looked at the events in the US that preceded Barack Obama's election as the first African-American president. We also discussed the abolition of Apartheid rule in South Africa and learned about Nelson Mandela's life. We recognised the need for action when we see injustice in our communities.


Our Space topic has also been a huge hit. We loved learning about the planets and researching the differences between them, before creating our own solar systems. We also looked in detail at the moon cycle, creating its different phases out of Oreos.


In RE, we have been looking at pilgrimages and other religious journeys. We acted out a trip to the Western Wall in Jerusalem by putting our prayers and wishes for the future between the bricks at school. Some of us chose to try praying at the wall.


In PSHE, we have looked at the influence of the media on our food choices and how we perceive celebrities. We identified the qualities of good role models in the media and our own lives.

We also looked at what it means to be a member of the LGBT community, and how we can stamp out homophobic language and attitudes in our classroom and beyond. Year 5 wowed me with their maturity and their attitudes to understanding and celebrating our differences.

Thank you Class 5 for a FANTASTIC first half term; it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you. We are so proud of your positivity and enthusiasm for learning and can't wait for next half term! 


WAGOLL WC/19.10.20

 This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Noah.

In year 5 this week, our WAGOLL goes to Noah for his fantastic suspense story. Noah blew me away with his use of short, snappy sentences and rhetorical questions to create suspense and mystery in his writing. Well done Noah!


WAGOLL WC/12.10.20

 This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Finley.

In year 5 this week, our WAGOLL is for beautiful artwork! Finley experimented with blending colours, creating different textures and a lot of paint flicking (mostly onto the picture!) to produce his painting of our solar system. This has been coupled with creating mnemonics to remember the order of the planets. We are so proud of the outcome, well done Finley!


WAGOLL WC/5.10.20

 This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Stanley.

Stanley has earned our WAGOLL this week for his beautiful descriptive sentences. Varied sentence openers? Got them. Expanded noun phrases with prepositional phrase to add more detail? Got them. He has also produced a great piece of writing looking at varying his sentence length for effect. A fantastic example of a Year 5 writer - Stanley, we are so proud of you!


WAGOLL WC/28.9.20

This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL was a group effort!

This week’s WAGOLL goes to a group of children who are ready for the stage! We acted out a scene from our new book ‘Hacker’ by Malorie Blackman and this group showed us how role play should be done. They worked hard to capture the feeling of tension and worry in the room with some very dramatic reactions, as well as lightening the mood with some jokes. A fantastic performance all round!



WAGOLL WC/21.9.20

This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Cadie.

Cadie has produced two fantastic cinquains this week. She worked hard to generate a wide range of vocabulary for her poems before she started writing. A cinquain follows a strict syllable pattern and Cadie applied this to her writing with ease. We have a poet in our midst – well done Cadie!



Rocket launch!
























Last week, we designed and made rockets as part of our space topic. We considered the aerodynamics of our design, adding nose cones to streamline the shape and fins to create a stable base for our rocket.

We successfully launched our rockets on Monday. We didn't quite reach the moon, but it was a very impressive effort from everyone! We love our space topic so far!




WAGOLL WC/14.9.20

This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Maija.

Maija has written a fantastic ‘day and night’ poem this week. We worked hard to create a different mood for each verse to show the contrast between day time and night-time, as well as including alliteration, similes and expanded noun phrases. Maija’s poem is a perfect demonstration of all these poetic techniques. Maija, we are so proud of you – what a star!!!


WAGOLL WC/7.9.20

This week, our Year 5 WAGOLL is Ethan. 

Ethan made an amazing start to Year 5 with his work on the phases of the moon. Not only has he produced a beautiful piece of work, Ethan also has a fantastic, inquisitive mind and has lots of questions to ask about space! We can’t wait to answer them throughout our Science topic. Well done Ethan - a space superstar!!