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Class 4 Blog 2017-18

14th June - ROMAN DAY! 

We had an amazing day today! We transported back in time to Roman Britain where we completed different activities to please General Rolyat! We had cooking, where we made soup and bread. We made Roman jewellery and clay pots to trade and sell as well as guarding and been part of the Roman army! 

In the afternoon (after eating our amazing soup!), we entertained General Rolyat with jokes, dancing and music! He was very impressed with all of our talents! Finally, General Rolyat shared a story with us - all about Pompeii! 




12th June - Verb Splat!

Today, we looked at the use of verbs and how different verbs can change the sentence. To help do this, we looked at different explanations from out book 'Until I met Dudley'. The children have to find different verbs and splat them onto the board at the front - within 5 minutes the board was covered in lots of different verbs they had found! It was great to see all of the children so engaged! 





2nd May - Edible Roman Roads

Today, we learnt about how and why Romans made new roads. To help us understand how they did this, we decided to create our own Roman roads.... out of food! 

We used crushed up biscuits for create the first layer of sand, followed by oats to use as gravel (the second layer). After, we mixed together custard and jelly beans or chocolate raisins to act as the cement and stone for our third layer. Finally, we added stone slabs (custard cream biscuits) to finish it off! 




18th April - Roman Battle! 

Wow! What a great first week it has been! To kick off our Roman learning, we have been learning about battle tactics that the Romans used. The children were able to put these tactics into action in order to try and win the battle against the opposite army! 

We have also learnt about what it took to be a Roman solider (sorry, no girls allowed!) and how they trained - we even learnt how to march in unison! 



Half Term Home Learning

Here is a copy of the half terms home learning, along with the Year 3/4 spellings for the spelling challenge that we will be having the first week back. 

Also, please note that home learning will now be given out and returned on MONDAYS .

Easter Home Learning

Year 3/4 Spellings

Enjoy the holidays everyone! 


26th March - Team Work!

This afternoon, we have been focusing on team work and thinking about what characteristics make a good team player. We knew that a good team player needs: to respect others, be co-operative, participate equally, listen to others, share ideas and include others. 

To help us work on these skills, we first built a tower using only spaghetti and marsh mellows. The children had to work together to try and build the biggest tower - something that the children found very difficult to do. The focus itself wasn't on building the tower, but on working as a team and communicating with each other. 

After that, we then had to transfer balls from one buck to another using only string. Again, this was all about communication with each other. It was great to see the children working together and to see them celebrate each others successes. 

Well done Class 4! 




24th March - WAGOLL

Well done to Lizzie for being this week's WAGOLL! Lizzie has shown herself to be a very reflective learner. She has been able to identify successes she has had, as well as to identify her challenges. This has helped Lizzie to really focus on certain areas within her learning and has helped to push her to succeed even more! Well done Lizzie! 


16th March - WAGOLL

Amy is this week's WAGOLL! She has really persevered with her expanded noun phrases. She has learnt how to use expanded noun phrases in various ways and using a mix of adjectives and prepositions to expand the phrases. She has written a lovely setting description with some great description!

Well done Amy! 


7th March - Fractions, Fractions, Fractions!

The children have been working really hard on fractions and this week, we moved onto finding fractions of amounts. When we first looked at it, a lot of the children really struggled with it. So we went back to using concrete and pictorial to help us understand it. 

Today, the children have been finding fractions of amounts using counters and bar model! The children were a lot more confident and ave been able to complete questions in abstract forms with the help of the concrete and pictorial! 



Spelling over Half Term

Please revise the spellings below. We will have a spelling dictation on the first Friday back (23rd February)

  • submerge
  • subheading
  • submarine
  • subordinate
  • subway
  • superman
  • supervise
  • supersede
  • superpower
  • superhuman 

8th February - Home Learning Exhibit! 

Today, we all showed each other our amazing half term home learning. The creativity of the children has blown everyone away! A mix of acrostic poems, word searches, fact cards and persuasive letters have been completed to such a high standard! It was great to see the children celebrate each others amazing efforts! Well done!



7th February - RAINBOW Fractions! 

To help us learn how to find equivalent fractions, we created some rainbow fractions to help us remember that what you do to the numerator, you you do the the denominator (and vice versa). The children created some fantastic rainbow fractions and were able to apply this rule to their independent learning. 



2nd February - Was Golidlocks wrong? 

Today, we have had a debate! The question on everyone's mind was 'Was Goldilocks wrong?' The children thought about what their point of view was and their reasons why. The reasons for their choices were amazing! 

It was then up to two children to battle it out - Was Goldilocks wrong? 

All of the children were able to choose a side and give a reason for this. Will they be able to persuade me next week about whether they think deforestation is a good or bad thing? 

2nd February - WAGOLL

Well done to this weeks WAGOLL! He has done some amazing recount writing, retelling the story of our trip to Tropical World. He has used personal detail to add more effect and to make it personal to his experience. He has also used a variety of time starters to help move his recount along. Well done! 

1st February - Fractions galore! 

This week we have started looking at fractions in maths. Although the children seemed afraid at first, they have really taken it in their stride. Today we have looked at different ways to represent fractions and looked at fraction bar models to help us. 



26th January - WAGOLL!

This weeks WAGOLL is Zak! Zak has really challenged himself this week. In ICT, he was able to create a branching database on PowerPoint to classify different animals. He has also excelled in Prodigy - an online maths game that we have started to use to help us with our maths! 

Well done Zak! 

19th January - Times Tables Challenge! 

We ware currently focusing on our 3 time tables in class. To help us with our times tables and fact families, we played a times table game for our maths Daily 30.  The children were really excited and were able to focus on their 3 times tables in a fun way! 



 Week 3 Spellings 

This week's spelling activity is to use Roll and Spell to help you learn your spellings. 

1. Choose 1 word.

2. Roll the dice.

3. Complete the activity.

4. Roll the dice 2 more times for that spelling word.

5. Choose a new spelling word. 

Roll and Spell Activity

Week 3 WAGOLL! 

Well done to this weeks WAGOLL! 

He was a superstar on the trip and showed great enthusiasm and took an interest in what he was been told. He has pushed himself with his learning this week and been a great member of the class.

Well done! 

16th January - Trip to Tropical World! 

Wow! What an amazing day it has been! The children have all been incredible today! First, we had a guided tour around tropical world to learn about the variety of different animals that they have there.

Then, after a lovely lunch, we learnt all about the different types of animals and how we can classify them. We also learnt about the food chains and how animals adapt to their surroundings! 

Week 2 Spelling Wordsearch

Here is this weeks spelling word search on homophones and near homophones. 

Beware - the answers are there also! 

Homophones Word search



Well done to this weeks WAGOLL! He has shown great perseverance and determination in problem solving tasks in maths showing his knowledge of division. 

Keep it up!


Well done to Dominic for being this week's WAGOLL! 

He has really had a mature attitude towards his learning and has shown great focus! 

Keep it up! 


Week 5 Spellings 

The spellings for this week follow no pattern, but are words that the children should be able to spell by the end of Year 4. 

Our 10 spellings for this week are:

interest            experiment

potatoes        favourite

imagine          material

promise          opposite

minute            increase


Toothless has been kidnapped! 

This week, our class mascot Toothless was kidnapped from our classroom! To help get him back, Class 4 have written some amazing newspaper reports to spread the word of this horrific event. They have used fronted adverbials and quotations within their writing, just like real news reporters! 

Week 4 Spelling Homelearning

This week's spelling activity is to use Roll and Spell to help you learn your spellings. 

1. Choose 1 word.

2. Roll the dice.

3. Complete the activity.

4. Roll the dice 2 more times for that spelling word.

5. Choose a new spelling word. 

Roll and Spell Activity



Well done to Grace for been our Class 4 WAGOLL this week! Grace has shown a huge improvement in her growth mindset and is now more determined to persevere with all aspects of her learning. In reading, she has carefully read the questions, finding the information needed in the text and answering the questions in full sentences. Well done Grace! Keep it up!

Ancient Egypt's Got Talent!

This week, the children researched different Egyptian Gods. They then presented their God to the rest of the class with Judge Middleton and Judge Denham asking questions to extend what they knew. The children were all amazing in their presentations that the judges found it difficult to pick a winner! The effort and detail that had gone into the children's learning was fantastic! They were able to describe in detail what their God looked like as well as to identify what was special about their God. 

Well done to all of the children! 


(Picture to follow!) 

Week 3 Spellings

Here are the spellings for this week:

musician          dietician

politician         statistician

electrician       technician

magician         clinician



Week 3 WAGOLL!

Well done to our WAGOLL this week! She has shown great focus and perseverance in all of her learning which is lovely to see. She has a great growth mind-set and is always willing to give tasks a try before asking for help if she needs it.

Well done!

Week 2 Spellings

Here are the spellings for this week:

invention                 attraction

injection                  translation

action                     devotion

question                 position

mention                  solution


The spelling rule: /shuhn/ sound spelt 'tion' apples when the root word ends in 'te', 't' or has no definite root. 

Friday 3rd November - Spelling Challenge.

Here is the link to the Word Search that includes this weeks spellings. 

Spelling Word Search for 'shuhn' sound, spelt '-ssion'. 

Wednesday 1st November - Static Electricity! 

Today we began our new science topic which is all about electricity! The children put their investigation skills to the test - they were given a balloon, piece of tissue and an aluminium can. Without touching the can or tissue with any object, they had to try and get them to move! The children really enjoyed learning about how the particles are positively and negatively charged, and how this affects how they interact with other objects. 





Home Learning Challenge!

OVer the week, the children have been bringing in their amazing challenge creations based on Ancient Egypt. The creations have been fantastic and the effort and time that has been put into them is outstanding! We are looking forward to putting them on display and to keep adding to them as the children continue to bring them in!






Thursday 5th October 2017: Music for Harvest Festival

Try singing along to 'Let It Grow!'

Roman Numerals! 

Today in class 4, we have been looking at roman numerals. To make sure that we knew what each letter represented, we used lollipop stick to recreate the numbers! The children loved doing this and all joined in to see who could make the correct number using roman numeral symbols!



WAGOLL OF THE WEEK 29th September

Well done to our WAGOLL! Our WAGOLL has gone above and beyond in her learning by researching information at home to help with our information texts in English. The hard work really paid off as she has produced an amazing information text with lots of interesting facts and knowledge. Well done! 


The Ancient Egyptian Information texts have arrived!! 

After 3 weeks of looking at, researching and planning our own information texts on the Ancient Egyptians, this week, the children finally got to write them up! They have created lovely pieces of work, using features such as headings, subheading and 'Did you know' facts to engage the reader. It has been great to read all of the interesting facts the children have found out about the Ancient Egyptians - especially all the interesting facts about the pyramids!





WAGOLL OF THE WEEK  22nd September

Well done to Lola for being this weeks WAGOLL! We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians and when they lived. Lola created a beautiful timeline of when the Ancient Egyptians were around and even replicated their heiroglyphics to create her own personal bookmark! Well done Lola! 



Well done to this week's WAGOLL! He really challenged himself this week. He did not let a little shyness stop him from achieving his goals and wrote a fantastic speech that got him voted as Class 4's Food Ambassador! Well done!