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Class 3 Blog 2017-18

Tuesday 3rd July 2018: Fun in the sun at Whitby


"Oh we do like to be beside the seaside...." This week Class 3 had our big summer trip to Whitby. It was a very early start, but all the children arrived to school by 8.15 for the bus journey. After a two hour journey we arrived at the sunny seaside town. Our first stop was the paddling pool. We spent an hour soaking Mr Emmett and then it was time for an ice cream YUM! At lunch time, we walked down to the sands to eat our picnics, then walked through the town to the foot of the jurassic cliffs to meet a paleontologist called Byron Blessed. 

Byron taught us how to spot fossils that have been hiding under the rocks for millions of years. With his help, each child discovered their own fossil to take home as a souvenir. We all agreed it was THE BEST TRIP EVER!!

Friday 22nd June 2018: Casey is this week's WAGOLL

Casey is this week’s WAGOLL is Casey for her fabulous story. Casey’s writing has improved each week. She always listens to advice and will keep persevering until it is right! Read it below.

In the kingdom far away many moons ago, there were two children called Sam and Lyla. They asked their dad for the most wonderful song in the world. Because they were asked to sing a song for a dorbe brother. They were excited!

Two days later, dad put an advert up. He asked Lyla and Sam, “Do you want a fast or slow song?” Lyla replied, “We want a fast song.” “Yes!” said Sam happily.

The next dat dad was worrying about the most wonderful song in the world because he couldn’t find one.

“I like that song mum, it is a wonderful song.” Said Lyla.

“Should I sing it again?” said mum kindly.

“Of course!” Lyla and Sam said.

“Oh” said mum sweetly.

The next day, Sam and Lyla went to heir mums house. When they got there they heard the most wonderful song in the world. They went upstairs it was their mum singing the song.

Every day dad was listening to some songs. “Arrgh,” said dad. “I can’t find one.”

He was listening to fast songs. It’s great but not the most wonderful song in the world,” he would sigh.

Weeks past, still no song. More weeks past and still nothing. So dad went to pick Lyla and Sam up. When he walked in he heard a beautiful song. “Is that you?” “Yes that is the most wonderful song in the world,” he yelled.

Wednesday 20th June 2018: Measuring in Class 3

In Class 3 we have been learning how to measure. We have been looking at a variety of scales and working out how to read them. We have been finding out how many cm in a metre trying to convert one unit in to another. This week, we have learned that 1kg is the same as 1000g. Watch a funny video to demonstrate this by CLICKING HERE.


Friday 15th June 2018: Whitby Trip Information


Class 3 will be visiting Whitby on Tuesday 3rd July 2018. We will be looking around the town and meeting a palaeontologist to help us collect fossils on the beach.

 As the journey takes approximately two hours we will be setting off early (8.15am) and arriving back late (5.30pm). This will ensure we have plenty of time in Whitby.

 Children will need to bring:

  • A packed lunch
  • Uniform in a carrier bag.
  • Towel
  • Wear clothes that can get wet – we will be going in to the paddling pool
  • A waterproof jacket
  • Shoes for walking
  • Sunhat and cream

Please note that children will not require any pocket money for the trip.

 I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the money raised with the sponsored run, it is very much appreciated.

 Due to the great amount collected, the contribution from parents in massively reduced to £7 .00. This includes travel, fossil hunting and an ice cream!

 Please could all payment be collected through Parent Pay.


Thursday 14th June 2018: Measuring Up!

This  week’s WAGOLLs have been chosen for their brilliant maths work. They have been measuring items in centimetres and millimetres. Then using their mathematical understanding to convert cm  to mm. I was impressed with how they persevered, and then made lots of progress.

Wednesday 13th June 2018: Rocking Out!

This week Class 3 have been rocking out in science. Our mini geologists have been learning all about different rocks. We went on a hunt and were amazed at the different rocks we dug up in the environmental area. Next we sorted the rocks into ones which are manmade, like concrete, and ones which are natural. We then found out we could sort the natural ones even further by finding out how they were formed. We discovered that sandstone is a sedimentary rock, marble is a metamorphic rock and slate has come from a volcano so it is an igneous rock. 

Friday 8th June 2018: Take a tour around Whitby

In preparation of our trip to Whitby, class 3 have been looking at photographs of the Yorkshire seaside town to learn about the famous sights. We then imagined a walk around the town and thought about the wonderful things we would experience. Here are some of my favourites!

The golden beach with splashing waves.   by Hessie

Thousands of shimmering shells scattered on the golden sand.      by Peter

A row of rainbow huts standing out stylishly.      by  Milo

Wednesday 6th June 2018: Liam is a coding king!

Liam is this week’s WAGOLL for his amazing computer skills. Liam ‘independently’ made a game using scratch then taught his class mates how to do it. I’m sure he is destined to become a super coding genius when he grows up! Click here to play Liam's game. 


Thursday 23rd May 2018: Most Wonderful Thing in the World

This week we have read a new book in English. The book is called 'The Most Wonderful Thing in the World' and is written by Vivian French. It tells the tale of a King and Queen who are on a quest to find a husband for their daughter, Princess Lucia. As part of this quest, they ask potential suitors to bring them  'The Most Wonderful Thing in the World' . The children then used their imaginations and shared with the class what they would take to the King and Queen. They then wrote a short speech to convince them that their idea was the best.

1. Alex 2. Billie 3. Casey 4. George 5. Isabel 6. Lewis 7. Liam 8. Micah 9. Akbar 10. Robyn

1.2. 3. 4. 5.   

6. 7. 8. 9. 10 

Tuesday 22nd May 2018: Fun Run


The class ran laps of the school grounds today, to raise money towards their summer trip to Whitby. I was really pleased with their Yorkshire grit and determination and so proud to see them (inspired by the Brownlee brothers) helping and encouraging on another. most Every child ran at least 4 laps which is  2km!!

Wednesday 16th May 2018: Well Done Blake!



 Blake is this week’s WAGOLL for his positive attitude in all areas of his school life. In every subject, he works extremely hard and this has particularly shown with improvements in his writing and reading. In class, Blake is a role model for the other children. He is always ready to learn and can be relied on show everybody how to do the right thing!

Thursday 10th May 2018: Victorian Leeds

Did you know that the first Marks and Spencer was opened in Leeds market? Did you know that Queen Victoria visited Leeds in 1858 to open the town hall? Class 3 do! That is because they have been doing lots of research on how Leeds changed during the Victorian Age. They have found out how and why Leeds grew from a small town into the fourth largest city in England. We then learned all about how life was different in Leeds for rich and poor people during Queen Victoria's reign. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday 9th May 2018: The Iron Giant

Evie is this week’s WAGOLL for her artwork. Evie is a super all rounder, but I am always impressed with her artwork. Evie has real eye for detail and she has shown this when inventing a robot (inspired by the Iron Man by Ted Hughes)

Thursday 3rd May 2018: Leeds' Owl Trail



Class 3 have had a terrific trip into Leeds City Centre this week. We walked all over the town looking at the different buildings and spotting the owls. We counted over thirty different owls on buildings, windows and gates. Can you believe we walked over 12,000 steps in the process? Phew! We learned about both new and old buildings in Leeds and discovered how the city has grown and changed over the years. Our favourite building was the Civic Hall. We returned to school by train and all agreed the day had been 100% fantastic!

Wednesday 2nd May 2018: Awesome authors!

Haleema and Lola are this week’s WAGOLLs for their writing. They wrote a new ending for the story, Fair’s Fair by Leon Garfield. The thrilling climax was full of suspense and had amazing descriptions. They worked extremely hard and we are all proud of their brilliant work!

Jackson and the fearsome dog carefully approached the door. With a freezing hand, he turned the big key. The house was black and dimly lit but he could smell a Christmas dinner. On the table he saw the most amazing meal.


The food he saw! The peas were tiny as an ant. The sweetcorn was yellow as a sun. The potatoes were fluffy as a cloud. The carrots were orange as a sun setting on the beach. The gravy was smooth as a cardigan. Jackson could not stop dribbling until he ate a Yorkshire pudding with sweet gravy and then Jackson had more and more.


Ten seconds later, he heard scrapes. Jackson quickly hid in the cupboards. Jackson was sweaty then he could ever have been. For a second his heart stopped. The man wanted the dog. He found the dog in his bedroom. Jackson passed out for a second. his eyes were about to pop out. Jackson could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer to him.


Suddenly the door opened. The man straight away went to his cupboard door. He saw Jackson with a sweaty and sore face. “Are you ok?” he said in a deep voice. Jackson got out of the cupboard. The man said in happiness, “It’s you, it’s you!” The dog waggled his tail. Jackson was confused. The man explained it well. This time he got a picture frame from ten years ago. “Now do you remember?” he said. Jackson said, “Yes I do remember.” Jacksons dad and Jackson, not forgetting the dog all hugged.


By Haleema


Jackson and the grotty hound quietly creeped to the door. With a trembling snappy hand, he carefully turned the shiny golden key. The food smelt wonderful, but the dimly lit room made his eye squint. On the table he saw the most amazing meal.


The food he saw! Apples red as devil eyes. Gravy like goey mud. Potatoes as soft as a fluffy cloud. Peas green as summer leaves. Jackson’s mouth watered and without thinking he ate a wonderful fantastic pie.


A moment later, Jackson heard loud footsteps. Suddenly he heard a noisy voice. “HELP!” Jackson followed the voice upstairs. He saw an old man stuck in an elevator. The old man explained, “I sent my dog to get help. A moment later, when Jackson saw the man’s life he explained. “I’m homeless.” The man said “ok”. They talked calmly. The man said, “Thankyou very much.”


“Sorry I broke into the house, an old dog led me here,” said Jackson worriedly. The man’s face turned jovial. He got a photo out of his drawer. “It’s me and you,” he said excitedly. Your my lost son. “I lost you when your mother died,” he said. He sent the dog outside every single day. They was jovial and loving.


Jackson and his father hugged with laughter. He was finally safe forever. He want living on the streets any more. The dog said, with his loving eyes. “I’m glad you are back!”


By Lola

Wednesday 25th April 2018: Read George's description of a  gruesome hound!

George is this week’s WAGOLL for his creative and imaginative description of a fearsome dog. George has been inspired by the book ‘Fair’s Fair’ and has used the author's style to describe a terrifying beast. I was particularly impressed with his vocabulary, which he used to paint a picture with words.

Colossal; as a gargantuan, as a husky with stealth like five ninjas and jaws like an oven door. The canine, who wanted the pie, panted swiftly. “Hand over the pie now!” Not with a voice, but with its twitching eyes and unfed stomach. Up the street he walked, looking around. Jackson could smell his meaty horrible breath. His fur was full with little miniature fleas. The canine, who had the deadliest grin, ran towards Jackson and leapt up. This husky has eyes like lava and it could move like a flexible jelly. He climbed up with a fearsome, nerve-racking and a peculiar piping stare. He could move at the speed of light. His tail is like a boulder that could smash a brick wall. The dog’s nose steam was like a fire breath of a dragon. Be cautious because this monstrous beast could pop up at any time.

Wednesday 18th April 2108: Well done to Alice, our Math's WAGOLL

Alice is our WAGOLL for her amazing math’s work. Fractions, adding, problem solving… it does not matter what topic Alice will work hard to deepen her understanding and challenge herself to be the best. This week she has persevered with Rock Star Time Tables to prove this point, getting a better score each day!


Monday 16th April 2018: Fair's Fair by Leon Garfield

We have been reading a new book his week. It is called Fair's Fair by Leon Garfield. It is all about a young boy who is down on his luck. He befriends a large, vicious dog and sets off on a quest to find the owner of a key that is tied around the dog's neck. The story has been left on a cliffhanger and we are trying to come up with amazing endings to conclude the story. 


Thursday 29th March 2018: Class Assembly

Great work today on the Roald Dahl class assembly. It was the best!!

Monday 26th March: Science Week

As part of science week we have been reading all about Duffy The Sea Turtle. 

Duffy's Lucky Escape is the engaging story of the relationship between humans and wildlife and the dangers turtles face in their own natural habitats due to plastic pollution. This beautifully illustrated story guides young children through Duffy's adventure and her encounter with plastics in the sea after a storm. It teaches children the importance of looking after our environment and how they can help in a fun and friendly way.

We then wrote Haikus all about Duffy.

To help save the environment, we then used milk and vinegar to invent a recipe for 'plastic milk'. We experimented with the amounts of each we put in to the mixture until we had the right consistency. (It was very smelly!)

Monday 19th March: Crazy Contraptions!

Inspired by Mr Hoppy from Roald Dahl's Esio Trot, Class 3 have been planning and making tortoise catchers. We have used lolly pop sticks, tape and skewers to produce an extendable arm which is strong enough to pick up a tortoise. I would like to make a special mention to Skye, Teagan, Joshua and Hessie for their teamwork and determination when producing their contraptions! Well done!


Friday 16th March 2018

Maisie is this week's WAGOLL for her brilliant reading. She has been flying through books in school and at home, answering questions and discussing the characters. Maisie's expression and fluency have improved, and this is because of her positive attitude and effort Well done Maisie!

Tuesday 6th March 2018: Leeds Rhino Training

We have been very luck to have Callum from Leeds Rhinos join us every Tuesday for some extra rugby training. I'm sure we will have some future Challenge Cup winners in the class!



Monday 5th March 2018: Blueprints by Lucas

WOW! Look at Lucas' detailed picture of The Town Hall in Leeds.

Thursday 22nd February 2018: Library Visit


Class 3 really enjoyed visiting Leeds Central Library on Thursday. We met the historians who told us all about the history of Leeds. We found out how the main streets of Headrow and Briggate have changed over the years by using old maps. We got to look at old newspapers and found out how Swinnow Primary School celebrated our centenary. We had a tour of the library, even seeing some of the secret rooms that are kept hidden from the public.

Thursday 22nd February 2018: A Maths Wizard!

Jude is the WAGOLL this week for his investigation in maths. He worked hard to find all the times a clock's hands are in exactly the same place. He did not get it correct straight away, but persevered by building on his mistakes. He worked systematically, looking for patterns in his results so he could find all the possibilities. 

Wednesday 31st January 2018: Eva the artist.

Eva-Rose has spent a long time looking at our class models that we borrowed from the museum. She has studied them carefully and produced some excellent images using black card and chalk. Great work Eva Rose!

Monday 29th January 2018: Seymour Bones

We have a new member of our class this week who has been teaching us all about our skeleton. We have learned that the skeleton is for protection, support and movement. We have also been learning lots of scientific names for different bones.

Wednesday 24th January 2018: Star Writer

Lincoln is Class 3's WAGOLL this week for his superb writing. He has really improved all aspects of his work, including vocabulary choice, handwriting and sentence types. In addition, he has increased the amount of writing he is able to produce during a letter. Click here to see Lincoln's latest piece of work.

Thursday 18th January 2018: Please send me the tickets!

Skye is CLASS 3’s WAGOLL this week for her amazing writing. As part of our work on the book 'The Matchbox Diaries', she wrote a fabulous letter to Tony’s dad, telling him all about the terrible drought in Italy and begging him for tickets to join him in New York. She used emotive language and phrases and I am sure she will be receiving the boat tickets soon!


Wednesday 10th January 2018: Math Magicians!


Billie and Paige are this week’s WAGOLL for their maths work. They have worked together to master multiplication. At the beginning of the week, Paige and Billie found it very difficult to multiply a two-digit number but the girls showed resilience and persistence by sticking to the task and by the end of the week they were flying through their sums and solving a range of number problems using their maths skills.

Monday 8th January 2018: The Matchbox Diary

Today we were visited by Uncle Tony who told us his life story. Watch the video below to find out more about his remarkable life.

Friday 5th January 2018: Myths and Legends

This week Class 3 have been reading a range of myths and legends from around the British Isles. We found out about the strange tale from Wales of a wizard who had to stop two curious cats from causing mischief. We also found out about 'The Laidly Worm of Spindleston Heugh'. This tale is from Bamburgh in Northumberland and involves a sorceress and hideous dragon. To read more click here! Myths and legends website

Friday 15th December 2017: HAPPY CHRISTMAS FROM CLASS 3!

Class 3 have made this animation to wish you a 'Happy Christmas!'



Thursday 14th December 2017: Christmas Excitement! 

We had a great afternoon in Year 3. Playing fun games and eating yummy party food. we even had a visit from the big man himself! (See the photograph above).

Wednesday 13th December 2017: Christmas from Germany!

Well done to all the children in Class 3 who took part in the KS2 Christmas Production, Swinow's European Christmas Adventure'. We sang our hearts our and made sure everybody was thoroughly entertained! 

Thursday 7th December 2017: Christmas Activity Morning

Thank you to all the help we had in our class today. We made lots of wonderful decorations and cards for our families and friends.

Tuesday 28th November: Gymtastic!

We have been very lucky to have been supported in our recent PE lessons by Mrs Lilly. She is an expert gymnastics teacher and has taught us many new shapes, roles, sequences and balances. We have seen pikes, tucks, dishes and arches on the mats and big apparatus. The children have been amazing and I am sure we could have some future Olympic stars in our class!

Wednesday 22nd November: Guten Tag from Class 3


Guten Tag! Greetings from Class 3. This week we have been learning all about Germany. We have been using books, websites and maps to discover facts about this European country. We have found many different and varied landmarks in this fascinating country, including towers, castles and cathedrals. The children have found out that Germany has lots of different geological features, and were able to locate forests, rivers and mountains on a map. We also found out that Germany is the home of the sausage (Wurst), with over 150 different types! Luie has particually impressed me with his excellent mapwork and research skills.

Wednesday 15th November: Try Alex's Mammoth Stew!

Click here to read it!

After a tough day hunting and gathering what could be more fulfilling than a hot bowl filled with juicy mammoth stew? To find out how to make one, read Alex's clear instructions for a satisfying stone age stew. She used imperative verbs,  adverbs and time conjunctions to ensure her writing communicated clearly. 


Thursday 9th November: Check out Kyron's beautiful handwriting

Kyron is this week's WAGOLL for his beautiful handwriting. I am really impressed with his hard work and dedication to make his writing as neat as anybody (teachers and pupils) in Swinnow Primary School! What makes me most proud though is Kyron’s consistency. He uses his neat writing in every piece of work every day!

Monday 6th November: Stone Age Creations

We are so proud of the effort and imagination put in to the half term homework. Well done everybody! 


Monday 30th October 2017: 'The Stone Age Boy'

We are currently reading and doing lots of writing based on The Stone Age Boy, by Satoshi Kitamura.

One day a little boy is walking along when he trips, stumbles and falls ... into the Stone Age! He meets a girl his own age and her tribe, and learns all about their way of life. He watches them make tools, clothes and weapons. He sees how they hunt, fish, cook, celebrate – and even how they paint on the walls of caves. But when a furious cave bear attacks, he wakes up back in his own time where everyone tells him it was only a dream. But was it?

Friday 20th October 2017: October Half Term Homework

Click here to download the homework for the October Half Term. The theme is based on our current topic, 'The Savage Stone Age'. The challenge is to be creative! Please return homework to school by Friday 3rd November 2017.

Thursday 19th October 2017: A problem from out of this world!

I saw some great team work today when the the children had to solve the following problem.

You need to build an alien out of the cubes with the 
cubes you use in the alien totalling 95.

Cubes are worth...

•Red = 1 •  Blue = 9  •  Yellow = 10  •  Green = 12 •  Brown = 15 •  Black = 13    

Friday 13th October 2017: Harvest Festival

Well done Class 3 and 4 for a terrific Harvest Festival. Everyone enjoyed your performance of 'The Enormous Turnip' and the foodbank were very happy with their mindblowing donation!

Wednesday 11th October 2017: Akbar the Wordsmith!

Akbar is the WAGOLL for Year 3 because he is using amazing vocabulary in his writing. Here is a short extract from his description of Stig. see if you can spot the words that have impressed me!

Stig is a plucky, resilient man. His greasy, manky, chalky nails were sticking out. Stig's hands are large and repulsive and his hair is like a birdsnest. His teeth are fragmented and grubby. His hands are ingenious and he is as powerful as a family of gorillas. 


Thursday 5th October 2017: Music for Harvest Festival

Try singing along to 'Let It Grow!'

Wednesday 4th October 2017: Bella's cave painting

Bella has been inspired by looking at the prehistoric art found in caves to produce this excellent pastel and charcoal cave painting. Well done Bella!

Friday 29th September 2017: Example Homework Vocabulary Card


Thursday 28th September: Another grim description by Joshua!

Joshua is this week' WAGOLL for his fantastic description of a ramshackled room. His writing is bulging with marvellous descriptive phrases and he has even managed to use some speech marks. I was very proud with how hard Joshua worked on this writing.


Wednesday 27th September: Fantastic Friction

We have enjoyed being Mini-Einsteins this week, and learned all about friction. We investigated different surfaces to see which one a car would travel the furthest on. The children were very careful, performing the test several times to ensure they had accurate results. Also, the children made certain their test was fair by making sure they kept every thing the same except the surface. We found out that the smother surfaces had less friction. We know this because the car travelled for a longer distance before stopping. 

Friday 22nd September: A disgusting description by Robyn!

Robyn is CLASS 3’s WAGOLL this week for her amazing writing. She wrote a fabulous description of Stig’s cave from Stig of the Dump, by Clive King. Robyn filled her work with wonderful vocabulary and descriptive sentences, remembering to use her senses to help her describe. I can really imagine being in Stig’s den when I read it!


Wednesday 20th September 2017: Guitars!!

Class 3 really tuned in for our first guitar lesson this week. We really enjoyed our new guitar teacher, Mr Tong, who has promised to teach us all to be amazing guitarists by the end of the year. This week we learned how to hold the guitar and how to strum the strings properly. I'm sure we will be playing our first gig very soon!

Wednesday 20th September: Keeping safe online with Hector's World

Watch the Hector's world videos to help stay safe online. Episode 1 is available here!

Friday 15th September: Lewis is this weeks WAGOLL.

Lewis is this weeks WAGOLL for his amazing vocabulary work. My favourite one was: The hideous, grotty throne was from a bygone age.

Friday 8th September 2017: Challenge Week in Class 3

 A great 'Air Resistant Suit' designed to slow down the sprinter.


This week we have learned that overcoming a challenge is the best way to learn. On Maths Monday we completed a Pyramid Number Problem and discovered a pattern to finding the largest number. The children have also created amazing sculptures and learned to use many new words. I have been very proud with the way the children handled all the challenges. They showed perseverance and resilience and an understanding that mistakes help them learn!


Tuesday 5th September 2017: Great Teamwork!

Peter and Milo are this week’s WAGOLLs for their great ‘Andy Goldsworthy inspired’ artwork using natural materials. They worked so well together, communicating and  co-operating effectively with one another and making a brilliant sculpture which they were very proud of.


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