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2 Year Old Nursery Blog 





Week commencing 10th May 2021




This week is mental health awareness week with the focus on connecting with nature

Take a look at this 2 minute video - how can you connect with nature this week 





Week commencing 3rd May 2021 




Swinnow Book Day

This year we didn’t celebrate World Book Day, as most children were learning at home due to lockdown. We are having our own celebration of books on Wednesday 5th May instead - so everyone can join in. Children can come to school dressed as a book character, as ’vocabulary’ or just in their pyjamas to celebrate bedtime stories! We do not expect anyone to spend lots of money on expensive fancy dress costumes - if you already have them, then of course they are fine to wear. There are lots of ideas on the internet of ways to dress up. 


 Thursday 6th May is polling day - the 2 year old room will be closed - children will access provision in 'big nursery' any problems please see Miss Haigh 

Many thanks



Week commencing 19th April  




We are looking forward to a busy Summer term

School reopens on Monday 19th April 

We will be exploring the book Zeraffa Giraffa by Diane Hofmeyr




Week commencing 29th March 2021 




We are continuing with our Easter theme this week 

Things might get a little chocolatey this week 

Check back for photos!


Week commencing 22nd March 2021




We are spending the next two weeks looking at Easter and the traditions we may become part of

We will use a selection of books to explore Easter and join in with baking and making activities. 




Virtual baby and toddler group on Zoom



Join Jane from the Children's centre for a virtual baby and toddler group with chance to connect with other parents, time for rhymes and songs whilst group activities are not yet open

Message the centre on their facebook page or ask in Nursery for the zoom details

Next session is Thursday 25th March at 1.30pm 



Information videos for parents



Below you will find the links to a number of recorded zoom workshops to support parents during lockdown and beyond

  1. Supporting positive behaviour at home workshop


  1. Sensory behaviours at home


  1. creating personal social stories




Red Nose Day 2021 


This year red nose day is on Friday 19th March 

School are holding a non uniform day on this day to raise funds for the Comic relief charities. 

Children in Nursery are invited to come in fancy dress or PJ's or superhero outfits on Wednesday 17th March, donations for the charity will be collected at drop off and pick up times. 

In line with current coronavirus restrictions please do not go out to buy something special instead use something you already have or ask at nursery for an outfit

Many thanks

Miss Haigh



Week commencing 8th March 2021




All the children have returned to school this week and it has been fantastic to see how busy and excited they have all been.  They have reconnected, laughed and shared lots of experiences within the setting. 




Week commencing 1st March 2021




In 2s we are looking at the story 

Mog and Me by Judith Kerr


Click on the picture to listen to the story at home.

We are looking at the sequence of events within the day,

What do you need to do when you get up in the morning?

What do you do before you go to bed?


Week commencing 22nd February 




Welcome back to school to all our families this week - we are hoping the weather has made a change for the better and are looking forward to spending time outside looking for signs of spring. 



Week commencing 8th Feb 2021




We are continuing with Goldilocks and the 3 Bears this week 

The children are busy mixing porridge, pouring into containers, dancing alongside the continuous provisions on offer including jigsaws and outdoor play in the snow!



Reminder school closes for half term on Friday 12th February and reopens on Monday 22nd February 

Keep posting and checking Tapestry for ideas for play at home. 


Week commencing 1st February 2021




This week is Children's Mental health week 

Each day on Tapestry we are focussing on a different aspect of health and wellbeing.

Please remember to look after yourself during these difficult times, we are at the end of the phone if you feel we can help at all and Jane is in the Children's Centre to signpost if you need information about money, access to food,  signposting for debt advice or merely a chat. 




Week commencing 25th Jan 2021




This week we are starting to look at the story of 'Goldilocks and the three Bears'

Click the image to hear the story and check the posts on Tapestry for ideas to play and learn at home.


      Click here to go to BBC Tiny Happy People

A huge resource of ideas, support and activities for your little person 


  Click here to visit the health webpage

Information about common health issues  / contact numbers for support 



Week commencing 18th Jan 2021




Take a look at these sites to support play at home

       Radio programmes from cbeebies (an alternative to screen time)


   Links to books, activities and ideas for play at home           


Like - Swinnow Children's Centre facebook page for ideas and signpost information to health, money and family support            




Week commencing 11th January 2021




From Monday 11th January School (Reception to Year 6) remains open ONLY to children of critical workers however our Nursery provision (both 2 year olds and Nursery) are now re-open to all children 

This half term we are focussing on the book 'Going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen. Click the image below to hear the story.

Take at look at the Tapestry posts for ideas for home activities.


Week commencing 4th January 2021





Activities to try at home this week 


This activity is for children who are at the early stages of developing their gross motor skills and are not yet able to throw and catch a ball. All you need is a ball, but you might want to think carefully about the type of ball that you use (especially if your child isn't motivated to play with a typical ball). You could use a ball with a bell in it, or one with flashing lights (especially great to play with in a darkened room!). A pair of socks rolled up is fab too!

Sit on the floor, facing your child, with your legs in a 'V' shape and try to encourage your child to do the same (might need physical prompt from another adult/sibling). Make a judgement on a realistic distance and roll the ball so that it lands in between the legs of your child. Encourage them to roll the ball back to you in the same fashion (again a physical prompt may be necessary initially). Take turns to exchange the ball, and when you are feeling more confident, reduce physical prompts and increase the distance between you.

Most of all have some fun and post a picture of Tapestry so we can see your super skills
Miss Haigh



Wiggly fingers


As well as being a mark making and a thinking activity, writing is also a physical activity.

The muscles in the hands and fingers need to be strong and agile so your child has control over them. Then, when they are ready to hold a pencil, they will be able to manipulate it across a page.

Moving and Handling – fine motor skills (PD), Writing (L)

You will need:
Your child and their hands and fingers!

1) Make a fist, squeeze tight, then let go and repeat.
2) Put your palms together, hands facing up, elbows sticking out to each side and press your hands together as
hard as you can. Release and repeat.
3) Hands out flat and gently pat a surface e.g. tabletop.
4) Hands still flat on the table, lift each finger off one at a time. Now do it starting with the other hand back the other
5) Finger walking – make your first two fingers into legs, tucking the pinkie and ring finger in with the thumb, and
take the two free fingers for a walk, forwards, then backwards. Do the same with the other hand.
6) Spiders – curve your hands up and over, palms down, so that only all the fingertips are touching the table.
Wiggle and scuttle your fingers around so your hands move like spiders.
7) Finger massage – take each of the fingers and thumb of one hand in-between the finger and thumb of the other
hand. Squeeze from the top of each finger to the bottom, giving them a little massage with your other finger and
thumb. Then swap hands.
8) Shake and stretch – shake your hands out from your wrists and stretch them out like stars.

Earlier stages of development
Think about the opportunities your child has to hold things, grasp things, shake things. Play games with them using their hands – clapping, tickling their palms, wiggling fingers.

I look forward to see all your wiggly finger activities - upload a photograph to Tapestry so we can see and have lots of fun!


Body Counting 


Our bodies are a brilliant resource for practicing counting skills.
How many ears do you have, how many eyes do you have, how many tummy buttons do you have?!

We can also count on each others bodies - how many fingers does Daddy have? Can you count Mummy's toes?

EARLIER LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES: Using mirrors together can be a really good way of familiarising children with their faces and bodies. You could even use face paints to add spots of colour to your child's face - do they realise that it's their face in the mirror? If they touch the paint on their face the answer is yes!

Let's see what counting fun we can have today - Don't forget to upload a photograph to Tapestry so I can see

Miss Haigh




Happy New Year and Welcome to all our families

We hope you have had a super break and managed to enjoy the fluttering of snow last week.


This half term we are focussing on the book 'Going on a bear hunt' by Michael Rosen

Due to the national lockdown we will add activities ideas to Tapestry for you to try at home, 

Remember to upload your photos to Tapestry let us know  what you have tried.

If you need any further information, support or ideas please do get in touch 







School closes for Christmas on Friday 18th December

and reopens on Monday 4th January

Take a look on Tapestry to see pictures of the Christmas activities - Christmas lunch, our party and our Christmas songs too - don't forget to add pictures to your child's Tapestry so we can see all your Christmas fun at home.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the new year

Merry Christmas


Advice for reporting symptoms  - if your child develops symptoms on Friday 18th Dec,  Saturday 19th Dec or Sunday 20th Dec AND has a test that is positive please contact school by email on info@swinnowprimary.com so we can follow the guidance to inform all close contacts.

This email will be checked twice a day until and including Christmas eve


Week commencing 14th December 




Christmas party for 2s is Wednesday 16th December in the morning session.

we are asking for a donation of £1 per child so we can provide some party food snacks.

If your chid attends in the afternoon we are asking you to swap sessions just on this day.

if your child doesn't usually attend on this day they are welcome to join us for the party.

Drop off anytime from 8.30 and collect between 11.15- 11.30




Week commencing 7th December 




Our Christmas activity day is on Wednesday 9th December 

Please take a look at these photographs to see all the fun we have had



Week commencing 30th November




Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Dates for your diary 

Tuesday 1st December - last day for school photographs to be handed in to school

Wednesday 9th December - Christmas activity day - wear your Christmas jumper

Wednesday 16th December - Christmas party day (morning session) (party clothes) 

We are asking any children who attend in the afternoon to come to the morning session instead on this day.  We will party all together (drop off anytime from 8.30 collect at 11.30)

We are asking for a £1 donation to go towards party food costs

Any problems please speak to a member of staff 

Friday 18th December school closes and reopens Monday 4th January 




Week commencing 23rd November 




This week we have been focusing on personal, social and emotional  development.  The children are increasingly aware of each other, their likes and dislikes and friendships are starting to develop.  The children are now choosing to play with as well as alongside others and it is pleasure to observe.

What changes have you noticed at home since Nursery started in September?  Pop a message to us on Tapestry - it is really quite amazing how quickly the children change!




Week commencing 16th November







Week commencing 9th November




This week we have been exploring all things physical

Children need to develop control and coordination in their large movements as well as an interest in making marks and refining smaller movements.  Opportunities both inside and out held develop these skills

What have you done this week at home? Don't forget to upload some photos to Tapestry so we can see all your adventures.  




Week commencing 2nd November 




This half term we are looking at the book

Whose Tail? by Sam Lloyd


The children will be taking part in lots of animal inspired activities and experiences.



Week commencing 19th October




School closes for half term on Friday 23rd October

Teacher training day - school closed Monday 2nd November

Nursery reopens on Tuesday 3rd November

Have a super week and don't forget to add photographs to your child's

Tapestry learning journal , visit  www.tapestryjournal.com

if you have any problems logging in please text school

on 0786 000 4869 with your email address 





Week commencing 12th October 







Week commencing 5th October








Week commencing 28th September






We are enjoying the story 'The gingerbread man' this half term.  We repeat the story in a number of forms and encourage the children to join in with the repeated sections.

Take a listen to the story at home too by clicking the image below



Week commencing 21st September








Week commencing 14th September







 September 2020

Nursery re-opens to children on

Wednesday 9th September

Morning session / half day sessions start at 8.30am to 11.30

Afternoon session 12 noon to 2.50pm 

Full day sessions start at 9am collect at 2.50pm

If you would like a pre-visit on Monday 7th or Tuesday 8th September please call school or text to book a time slot with Miss Haigh

Please click the links below for further details


Frequently asked questions

We look forward to seeing your children back at school, having fun, playing and learning - see you next week 













Home Learning #Making memories 



Each week we will give a suggestion of activities to try at home to help cover the areas of learning within the Early years foundation stage -

Every child develops at a different rate but as a guide we are working towards being secure in the outcomes within the 22-36 months age band of development matters whilst your child is in 2s. 

What to expect when Parents guide 

use the guide above to help you think about your child's development but most importantly play and enjoy the time together 



Mrs Griffen has created a comprehensive list of SEND resources, documents and websites to help support your child's individualised learning at home. Click the picture below.

Parent Workshop: 13 Categories of Special Education | P.S.135Q ...





Week commencing 13th July






Week commencing 6th July






Week commencing 29th June






Week commencing 22ndJune






Bear Hunt is one of our favourites at Nursery - Click the image above to listen to the story and  sing the song


Sensory play / messy play

Can you create your very own bear hunt - you may want to use a tray or plate, the floor in the garden - what items can you use to recreate each part of the story? We would love to see your trays on Tapestry 

Role play

 What props can you make at home to help retell the story, could you make your own bear mask from card or a paper plate? 

Build a den



Can you create a den at home - with the weather set to be hot and sunny this may be an outside activity or inside to cool down - A den is a super place to read a story, have a snack

Don't forget to add photos to Tapestry too 





Week commencing 8th June



 5 Currant buns 


Click the link above to sing along to the song


Baking challenge

Can you make your own buns to sing the song to?   What type of buns could you make?

Click here for an easy'bun' recipe - don't forget to add your photos to Tapestry too


Stop, Go Games

Play games that involve starting and stopping, such as "red light, green light", these games help to develop self-control and will eventually help children negotiate, compromise, and work out conflicts.


Mark making 

Can you add salt, flour or washing up liquid to a tray or plate and allow your child to use their finger to make marks, shapes and patterns, perhaps they could draw the bun from the currant bun story too



Week commencing 1st June





Can you create a sock puppet to act out 'Hickory Dickory Dock'

Leave a pause to allow your child to say the missing rhyming word as you say the rhyme together



Collect some objects from round the house and play with them together.  Line them up in different ways and model counting them accurately, support your child to touch each one as you say a number name before moving to the next object, you can also name the object to help develop the pause between numbers. 



Sing and sign 

Watch the video to learn the signs to the Hickory Dickory Dock Rhyme







Week commencing 25th May 



It is the Half term holidays and it looks like the sun will be shining, hope you are all able to enjoy some family time - Miss Toolan Kerr has posted an activity idea on Tapestry for each day this week...don't forget to add your own photos to Tapestry so we can see what fun you have been having

Miss Haigh


Week commencing 18th May 




click the image to visit the book


Can you move like a dinosaur?

Click the image below to join in with the Dinosaur dance


Dinosaur knowledge 

Which dinosaurs do you like? which one has 3 horns?

Visit Andy's Dinosaur adventures to find out more about these prehistoric creatures


 Can you draw your favourite dinosaur - post your pictures n Tapestry for us to see 


Dinosaur craft ideas 




Week commencing 11th May 




Click the image above to listen to the story 


Send a hug in the post

Do you have someone you have not been able to see or hug for a while, could you send them a 'virtual hug' in the post, draw round your child or their hands and allow them to mark make on their hug to send to a friend or relative - pop a picture on Tapestry too



Thankful Jar 

The lockdown has been ongoing for  along period of time now - can you take a few minutes to think about the good times you have had, take a look at your photos  on Tapestry and make a 'thankful' picture, a thankful jar or some happy stones to take on your walk


Keep playing and smiling you are all doing a super job 





Guess who!

Can you guess who these cute babies grew up to be?

Teachers are - Miss Haigh, Miss Toolan-Kerr, Miss Clayborough, Miss Dickinson, Miss Abbott, Miss Taylor,

Ms Ineson, Miss Booth, Ms Townsley  - But who is who?

Add your guess to the Tapestry post with the same photo I will reveal the answers at the weekend-

Good Luck - Miss Haigh


Week commencing 4th May 



Whole School History

On Friday 8th May, the UK commemorates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, Known as VE Day. This is the date that World War 2 ended in Europe. This week, leading up to that date would have been a whole school history focus week had we been together, learning at school.

There is lots of activities and information for you to take a look at as af family and lots for the adults to learn about too!   Guidance is given with each activity as to whether it is most appropriate for KS1, KS2 or whole school, including Early Years. We would love to see your VE day learning. You can upload onto ClassDojo, Tapestry, or send it to info@swinnowprimary.com with a note to forward it to Mrs Wyles and your class teacher. There will be lots of programmes on TV this week related to VE Day - look out for them to support your learning. All the resources you may need can be found by clicking on the links below.

Have a Happy History Week! 

KS1 VE Day PowerPoint

KS1 VE Day Factfile

Union Jack Bunting

Union Jack Flag


Week commencing 27th April 



Our song this week is' Old Macdonald had a farm'

Click the picture below to sing along


Virtual Farm visit

Click here to join 'Cannon Hall Farm tv' on a tour, you can even pick your favourite animals to visit


Animal pictures

Can you draw or look at farm animal pictures - think about what they look like, what sounds they make

We would love to see your creations on Tapestry



Week commencing 20th April 



This weeks challenges are all liked to the 'Spot the Dog' series of books by Eric Hill

Click the picture to watch Spot's adventures


Hide and Seek 

Use a favourite teddy or toy, hide it around the house and give clues to help find it

Is it near, on top of, next to, behind, how many steps to get to it


Colour match and sort 


 Can you use a teddy to help you sort and match colours from around the house? What can you find that is Blue? What is Red? Yellow? Green?  Can you make your collections in to a rainbow?

Don't forget to add photos to Tapestry too  



Week commencing 13th April 



We hope you have had a super Easter weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps a little bit of chocolate!


Some activities to try this week 


Roleplay challenge- Let's pretend 

What can you dress up as today? Use things from round the house to create a new character - could you be a Dr, a policeman or a teacher?  


 Balancing challenge 

 Tissue Dance:   Place a tissue on your child's head (and yours too!), then start some dancing music!

Everyone should start dancing and moving around the room with one goal: don’t let your tissue hit the floor!

If your tissue falls off your head, you can catch it as it drops, put it back on your head, and keep playing. How long can you dance with it on your head!


Mark making challenge

On a plate or tray put some flour, salt, hot chocolate powder or washing up liquid then allow your child to explore making marks - up and down, side to side or circles



Week commencing 6th April 



If your children are struggling with the change in routine - please try this short story to try to help them understand their feelings - click on the 'virtual hug bear' below


As it is officially the Easter holidays here is  a selection of ideas to keep you busy 

Hope you all manage to enjoy a little spring sunshine whilst maintaining social distancing and perhaps a little bit of chocolate too ! 

Click on this picture 


Home learning Challenge:

Can you learn this song and the Makaton signs to go along with it?

Try to learn as much of the song as you can (It doesn’t need to be the whole thing) and ask an adult to film you.

Then, upload your video to Tapestry.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Lockdown video montage.’

Please upload your videos by Friday 10th April 2020.

By uploading your video you are giving permission for this to be added to the montage, which will be shared with all school pupils via tapestry or class dojo online systems - if you do not wish your child's clip to be used in this way please ensure you add a comment to the uploaded video to indicate it is NOT FOR SHARING. 

Thank you to George, Luke and Daisy in Year 1 for the inspiration.



Week commencing 30th March  



Home learning Challenge:

Can you learn this song and the Makaton signs to go along with it?

Try to learn as much of the song as you can (It doesn’t need to be the whole thing) and ask an adult to film you.

Then, upload your video to your ClassDojo portfolio.

 Please check your emails for your unique code. Email info@swinnowprimary.com if there are any problems.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our ‘Lockdown video montage.’

Please upload your videos by Friday 10th April 2020.

By uploading your video you are giving permission for this to be added to the montage, which will be shared with all school pupils via tapestry or class dojo online systems - if you do not wish your child's clip to be used in this way please ensure you add a comment to the uploaded video to indicate it is NOT FOR SHARING. 

Thank you to George, Luke and Daisy in Year 1 for the inspiration.


 Nursery Rhyme challenge  

Sing nursery rhymes and songs together, add actions.

Click the picture below for an A-Z of rhymes and songs 

 Why not video your child singing their favourite to add to Tapestry 

People who live in my house challenge 


Together can you draw the people who live in your house - can you add eyes, nose, mouth 

Then add your pictures to Tapestry


Bedtime story 

Read your child a bedtime story

This may be the same story again and again and again but repetition is good for working memory 

Take a photo of your favourite book to add to Tapestry





Week commencing 16th March 2020

Due to the continuing issues with coronavirus we are cancelling our stay and play sessions planned for this term - Wed 18th March (Mothering Sunday) and Wed 1st April (Easter) 

We are also postponing new nursery home visits until after the Easter break

In nursery we are continuing with lots of fun activities to develop the children's language, personal social development, counting and name writing.  The dryer weather is also allowing us to explore the garden more...especially the muddy puddles!!

Please click this link HERE to watch the

hand washing video we are using in nursery


We are continuing to support the children in developing effective hand washing skills and ask all parents to wash their child's hands on entry to nursery- we are then regularly washing hands during the session and before the children leave.

Following government guidance children or adults presenting with symptoms of a new persistent cough or a high temperature are required to stay at home and the whole family to self isolate for 14 days.

Please help us adhere to this guidance and telephone school on 3783100 to report your child's absence


These are difficult times and as parents there are a number of reputable sources of information


bbcnews -mental health advice 



Week commencing 9th March 2020

The children enjoyed baking biscuits this week and chose  animal shape colours as they talked about the animals in 'Brown bear Brown Bear' 


We have also been celebrating 'Holi' by exploring colour and shape in the gluing area - the children have really enjoying snipping paper, sticking and celebrating their achievements. 

Week commencing 2nd March 2020

This half term we are looking at the story 

'Brown bear brown Bear what do you see'

Click the book below to hear the story

We are encouraging the children to join in with the repeated refrain and talk about the different animals, the different colours they can see and the patterns they notice. 

Don't forget to add your posts to Tapestry to let us know what your child is enjoying at home too 


Week commencing 24th February 2020

The children are settled again after the half term break

Important dates this half term - see website newsletter for further details


Nursery World book day - Wednesday 4th March 

children are encouraged to come to school

either in 'dress up' or in their Pjs

to share their favourite books

Mothering Sunday Stay and Play - Wednesday 18th March

Join us in nursery at the beginning of either the morning or afternoon session to enable the children to say a huge 'Thank you' for everything their adults do to love and care for them, the children are preparing biscuits and a drink of juice for you to enjoy. 

Writing Development focus 


Wednesday April 1st - Easter activity Stay and Play  

Join us for Easter fun at the beginning of either the morning or afternoon session 

Maths development focus 



Week commencing 10th February 2020

We have been enjoying the story 

'Dear Zoo' 

Click on the book above to hear and share the story at home

The children are becoming confident in joining in the repeated refrain 'so I sent it back' as we read the story together.

Can they name the animals from the story? can you use gesture to suggested how bug the boxes are? which is your child's favourite animal from the story?

Week commencing 3rd February 2020

Children's mental health week 

Join us on Wednesday 5th February for our stay and play at the beginning of the session (am or pm)


Week commencing 27th January 2020

Dear Zoo is our focus book in 2's over the coming weeks

Week commencing 20th January 2020


Week commencing 13th January 2020

Friday 24th January - Denin4dementia

Wednesday 5th February - stay and play for children's mental health awareness week 

Tues 11th February - Safer internet day - awareness week 

Friday 14th February - school closes for half term -

reopens on Monday 24th February 


Week commencing 6th January 2020

Happy New year and welcome back after the break to all our families.  The children have settled really quickly and are full of exciting news of their new toys from Santa.


Week commencing 16th December 2019

Reminder school closes for the Christmas break on

Fri 20th Dec and reopens on Monday 6th January 2020


Our Early years Christmas party is on Wednesday afternoon this week,

There is no morning session in 2s but all children are invited t the afternoon session 12-3pm 

we will be doing party games in Nursery from 1.00pm,

eating in the main school hall from 1.30pm 

and in the upstairs hall from 2pm for our 'special visitor'

Parents are welcome to stay to help or join us at 2pm upstairs

Week commencing 9th December 2019

This week in Nursery we are  putting the finishing touches to our 'Wriggly Nativity'

The children from 2s will be encouraged to join in with the other foundation stage children but please remember it is a daunting experience and for some they may prefer to sit with you than on the bench with their peers - this is just fine - they will develop confidence and experience by being part of the show in whatever way suits them best. 

Tickets are on sale for £1 from the main school office for our performance on Wed 11th December (9.30am and 2.00pm - doors will open 30 mins before the performance starts) 


Week commencing 2nd December 2019 

The countdown to Christmas has started,

In Nursery we have been  sharing the story of the first Christmas- introducing the children to

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in preparation for our 'Wriggly Nativity'


Thank you to all the parents who were able to join us for our festive stay and play session, the children had a wonderful time and are building on their understanding of Christmas traditions.

Please add photographs to Tapestry of your Christmas activities from home - have you decorated the tree? been to see Santa? we would love to see how you celebrate at your house. 

Reminder - Christmas Fayre - Main school hall

Wednesday 4th December 3-5pm

Week commencing 25th November 2019


Week commencing 18th November 2019

World Nursery Rhyme Week

We are celebrating all this 'Nursery Rhyme' this week 

Singing our favourites and adding some new songs to our collection.

Singing rhymes and songs are fabulous pre-reading skills to support your child to say and hear rhyme, rhythm and repetition.

Week commencing 11th November 2019

We will be collecting donations for 'Children in Need' this week

The children are invited to come to nursery in dress up clothes

on Wednesday 13th November 



Week commencing 4th November 2019 

We have started our dance sessions in Nursery 

Monday afternoon with Shake Rattle and Boogie and Wednesday morning with Miss Taylor

We really are boogie stars!


Music and movement are vital parts to our developing skills in personal & social development, physical development and communication and language.  


Week commencing 21st October 2019

Last week we went out to explore and collected leaves from the big school field, this week we have used our Autumn treasure to paint with, and create with 

Take a look at our photos here


Reminder school closes on Thursday 24th Oct at 3pm for half term and will reopen on Monday 4th November 


Info from school weekly newsletter 

Easy Fundraising! Take a look at the link below

Shopping doesn’t cost a penny more, but as you make purchases online, shops make a donation to school. All you do is register (it’s good to click the “Find & Remind” button) and start shopping. Please give it a go and encourage others to do so too – it’s effectively free money to benefit the children of Swinnow Primary School!

So far we only have 2 supporters! Click on the link to register.


Many thanks!

Week commencing 14th October 2019T

This week  in 2s we have been looking at all things Autumn.

We have also baked bat biscuits for our halloween disco


made pictures by rolling conker


and have been working on building relationships and taking a turn through adult supported  games

Week commencing 7th October 2019

This week take a look at this short video about developing children's communication skills 


Week commencing 30th September 2019 

What a wet week it looks like it is going to be...please ensure your child has a coat and spare clothes and wellies if possible to enable them to enjoy the garden ....especially puddle jumping!!


Reminder - PJ story day Wednesday 9th October - the children are invited to attend nursery in their PJs - Matthew from the library will be joining us to share favourite stories and will have information about what's on offer / how to join Pudsey library at the beginning or end of the session. 

Week commencing 23rd September 2019

What a busy week in Nursery - we have been enjoying the garden, painting, baking crumble and dancing with 'Boogie Bear in Shake Rattle and Boogie'!!


Join us next week for our first 'stay and play' session on Wednesday 2nd October for half an hour at the start of the session to see where your child enjoys playing at nursery. 

Reminder - School photos - Tuesday 1st October - these will be taken in your child's session - if they don't usually attend on this day you are welcome to join us at 8am or 12noon 

Week commencing 16th September 2019

Please find a link to the latest Potty training advice from Health visitors 


Each week we will share our learning experiences with you and link to our key priorities. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to talk to Miss Haigh.   The 2yo provision staff will keep you updated with 'What's on' at the Children's Centre and will support you to attend courses, activities and events.  Please take a look and 'like' Swinnow Children's centre facebook page too. 

Week commencing 9th September 2019

 Welcome back to the 2year olds who are rejoining us this term and a big hello to all our new families, we hope you all enjoyed the summer and we look forward to a busy Autumn term of learning.  

The children are all settling to the routines of school, they are busy exploring the resources and getting to know each other.   Lots of learning is taking place within the prime areas of the EYFS.